Thursday, 31 January 2013

Where to buy Julie Carp's cape

For those asking where Julie Carp got her tartan cape from, worn earlier this week on Coronation Street, then wonder no  more.

Jade, the wardrobe lady at Coronation Street tells us that the cape is vintage and was bought from a boutique in Swinton. She's kindly sent us a photo of the label for any vintage fans who want to check it out.

Katy Cavanagh, the actress who plays Julie Carp on Corrie, is pregnant, in case any one was wondering why she's being covered up with capes and big coats at the moment!

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Mary Prankster said...

When you reach 8 months, which I guess is about where Ms. Cavanagh is now, no amount of outerwear can disguise a pregnancy. I wonder how the storyline is going to adapt to the actress's condition. If Kristy's true nature and behaviour is discovered soon, and Julie realizes the extent of her misjudgement, then Katy Cavanagh will be onscreen for awhile longer. Some of her anguish at her mistake may very well really be labour pains!

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