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Sunday 13 January 2013

Coronation Street double episode review Friday January 11

So lady in red Leanne and ex-husband Nick finally remarried. 

Wonder if she noticed he was a completely different human being than the boy (then played by Adam Rickitt) she first tied the knot with 14 years ago?

As the Coronation Street residents in all their finery celebrated  the couple's big day in the Bistro, with touching speeches by both Nick and Leanne, there was just one fly in the matrimonial hot pot... or well, maybe two.

Nick's disapproving  mum Gail had boycotted the whole thing but, even more importantly, the groom had (probably)  impregnated his sister in law Kylie during their one night stand in the bridal suite after the previous Christmas nuptials were scuppered by Eva.

Cue lots of unhappy, meaningful looks between an even more furrowed-browed than normal Nick and Kylie during the Bistro shindig. 

Nick  had been less than sympathetic at Kylie's  pregnancy news, telling her charmingly: "You'll have to have an abortion. Get rid of this one. You and David can try again." Kylie decided she was going head with the abortion, though  David currently doesn't even know she's pregnant.
Meanwhile Karl was growing weary of  new love Sunita and was hankering after botox-faced ex partner Stella  - "I miss your toast," he crooned, in a neanderthal attempt at romance -  after spending the night on her sofa.

Of his affair with Sunita, he parried that it was - "one moment of madness." As Stella pointed out:" Not one - lots of moments." 

Is it just me but isn't her relationship with toy boy Jason both extremely embarrassing and unlikely?

After the kiss stolen by Sophie from  her physiotherapist Jenna, it was clear her mother had no idea of her (30 year old)  never-had-a boyfriend daughter's true sexuality. 

"She's wedded to her job, never had time  for men and boys, she's not even  gay, " she told Lloyd. 

She's going to have a bit of a rude awakening on that matter shortly!

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Defrost Indoors said...

Actually I don't mind Jason and Stella together for some reason. I'm just wondering how she's going to break his heart (has Jason ever ended a relationship or has he always been dumped?).

Mrs Barton said...

GRRRR What was that scene all about where Leanne was telling Peter she was marrying Nick that day? I can understand Leanne wanting to rub Peter's face in it a bit, but can it please be explained why Peter had to have that crestfallen look on his face? He had the choice on Christmas Day and he chose Carla, PLEASE LET THIS ROUNDABOUT END ! How can we invest in these characters and their relationships when there is no consistency. Very annoying apart from anything else.

Marcy said...

The biggest problem I had with this episode was that I watched it in HDTV and I'm still wobbly. I really wish they wouldn't do those extreme close ups now with HD especially for certain actors who I won't ID by name.

And what was Carla doing in her close up at The Rovers? Chewing her cud?

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

An older woman with a younger man is quite common place these days, and why not! No one looks twice at an older man with a younger woman.

I quite like Stella & Jason together too.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty quite likes St Ella and Jason too. She may be getting on a bit but she still has a cracking figure, she aint gonna wed him, just have some fun after being with the scrounging scroat Karl for years - good on her. What will happen to Karl now the character is ruined, he wont be leaving with Sunitart but what for him now I wonder and do we care.

Ginger Beer said...

Karl will be back with Stella by the end of the year. The spark is still there, no matter how much Stella denies it.

And he IS rather sexy, it has to be said

Anonymous said...

I think Gail boycotting the wedding was probably brought on by the trauma of having hair that mysteriously varied in length over the two episodes-NN

ChiaGwen said...

Sunita - turn down the dial between dark and light - it's toast,not rocket science.

Janice said...

If Karl hates Suntia's cooking so much, here is a radical idea--cook it yourself! It's not like he has other things to do.

ChiaGwen said...

Good God...there weren't that many people at the Bistro for the wedding reception..yet no one noticed how Nick kept going over to Kylie, nattering away, then had a loud discussion about the pregnancy in the mdidle of the floor surrounded by people!


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