Monday, 21 January 2013

The real Weatherfield

As you'll have seen from other posts - Behind the scenes at Coronation Street, It was a cold, chilly day in Weatherfield and Coronation Street Blog staff outing, we had a staff outing to Coronation Street on Friday and I for one had an excellent day. I have been before, aged about nine, when they ran the Granada studio tours. In fact if I can find the photos of me standing in the Rovers I'll share it.

I wanted to share some photos of our vist last week, this one in particular:

I looked and looked, but I couldn't see Fat Brenda. Maybe she only works the night shifts?

In the afternoon we went on a locations tour and it was excellent. Mark Llewellin's commentary was great, funny and insightful. We went into Salford and saw terraces very much like Coronation Street. I snapped some photos.

Photos taken out of a bus window!

I don't know if they have rows of terraces like this elsewhere in the country, but you see them in Northern cities. Where I work in Leeds, it is full of them. They're fascinating because they're all different - each terrace and each individual house. Can't you just imagine Jack and Vera's yellow and blue cladding sitting halfway down one of these streets? 

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Poida said...

It's interesting how they all have albeit tiny front gardens!

Anna said...

There are lots of terraces like this in Dublin - I used to live in one!

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