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Monday 21 January 2013

Did you guess the outcome of Tyrone and Kirsty's wedding?

Did you guess that the wedding wouldn't go ahead? Did you?  I didn't, it fooled me completely.  I thought they'd wed - well, this is one Coronation Street wedding that we all wanted to happen, wasn't it, if just for Tyrone's half-baked plan to get baby Ruby and divorce crazy Kirsty.

But now it's all gone a bit Pete Tong for Tyrone but will it work out well in the end?  Now that Kirsty knows the truth about Tyrone and Fiz, will she throw a wobbler and leave?  What'll happen next? Are there too many questions in this blog post? What do you think?

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Donna - Halifax said...

If any wedding happened on this show it would be a miracle. It's become the norm for the weddings to end before the I do's and it's old hat. Tyrone & Kirsty being married wouldn't give Tyrone leagal rites to Ruby, kirsty has to agree and sign the papers, the writers can't check the facts. This story is getting tiring.

Llifon said...

I did think she'd dump him when the vicar asked. But she waited for a while yet. Kept me and my gran on our toes anyway. Emily had a very nice hat. And that phrase of doom: "We know there won't be any trouble!"

Carry On Blogging! said...

I'm afraid I couldn't bring myself to watch!

Anonymous said...

Boringly predictable outcome. As will be the long, drawn out story of Kirsty turning the tables on Tyrone, his getting convicted of domestic abuse with he and Fiz becoming hate figures.Ultimately it will be another, 'Free the Weatherfield one.." One saving grace has been the actors playing Kirsty and Tyrone have been nothing short of fabulous. Still, bored with it all now.

ChiaGwen said...

Have to wait until my night (Canada) to see it on YouTube but no I didn't see that coming. I thought Kirsty would marry Tyrone anyway but exact revenge slowly afterwards. Can hardly wait to see it - Graeme, how could you not watch..???

Anonymous said...

Just sittin' here waiting impatiently for it to be uploaded to youtube!!!

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Who cares? The big surprise now would be a wedding that actually took place.

Frosty the Snowman said...

My commisserations to that poor vicar who I have seen before. They and the registrars must groan when they see anyone from Coronation Street wanting to get married, knowng its going to end in a fiasco. Felt a bit sorry for Kirky tho who was taking his best man role very seriously!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Fiz take the injury photos with her own phone??

The Street is gonna be divided - those who KNOW what's been going on all along (Tommy, Tina, Fiz) and those who won't believe a guy would take those beatings from a woman.

This is gonna go on for a while. Gawd, I'm getting tired of it.

~JB in Canada

Cobblestone said...

Where was Tommy last night? Obviously he wouldn't be at the wedding, but I expected him to be in the Rovers afterwards, as one of the few people who know the truth.


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