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Monday 21 January 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 21 January

Coronation Street, Monday 21st January at 7.30pm

FIZ AND KIRSTY WALK DOWN THE AISLE. It’s the morning of the wedding and Tyrone’s on pins, feeling terrible knowing the marriage is a sham. As Tyrone waits at the church he starts to panic, fearing Kirsty has discovered all, but when she arrives looking a million dollars it looks like his plan has worked.
GAIL FALLS FOUL OF NICK. Gail helps Nick out at the bistro but when Lewis tampers with the order and alters the amount of olives needed, how will Nick react to her ‘mistake’?
ANNA’S PUZZLED BY FAYE’S MISBEHAVIOUR. Faye feigns illness so she doesn’t have to go to school but Anna then catches her trying to sneak out of the house. What is Faye up to?
Elsewhere Sally assures Sophie she believes her story not Jenna’s. When Rob and Tracy both climb into Steve’s taxi insisting it’s theirs neither will back down. Have they met their match?

Monday 21st January at 8.30pm

KIRSTY TURNS THE TABLES ON TYRONE. Kirsty and Tyrone return home to discuss their future life together. Tyrone’s visibly frightened as Kirsty makes it plain she wants retribution for his actions. But did his plan work? Did the wedding go ahead, giving Tyrone parental rights over Ruby?
LEWIS HAS A PROPOSITION FOR GAIL. Gail’s stunned when Lewis tells her he loves her and he’d like her to move to Naples with him where they could run a small boutique hotel.
ANNA’S STUNNED BY FAYE’S REVELATION. When Anna discovers Faye missing she looks through Faye’s computer and is horrified to realise she’s gone to meet a man called Tim. Who is he?
Elsewhere Mandy’s fuming when Sally tells her to keep Jenna away from Sophie in future. Rob admires Tracy’s cheek.

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lizzieizzard said...

I can see where the Gail Lewis plot is going. Lewis is going to woo Gail and get her to sell up and move to italy and once she has deposited the money into the joint bank account Lewis will tell Gail that he has to deal with a few things and why doesn't she fly out and see Sarah Louise and Bethany and then wham he's gone disappeared with the money and not even a ta ta while in italy Sarah informs Gail there is no such business and hence she brings Gail home broken hearted and tries to help her get her house and ego back. Tyrone and Fizz will have a bumpy ride but I think the world is finally going to help them out, everyone loves a happy ending, one can only hope Kirsty will be found out and helped but there will be plenty of tears before bedtime. Liz

Frosty the Snowman said...

A Touch of Class is the Glenda Jackson and George Segal movie where they try to get the same taxi and end up having a romance. No class to Tracy and Rob though, more grinning and face pulling and expecting Dreary to look after her daughter while she conducts yet another affair which will undoubtedly end in tears, Stuart Blackburn will get my undying devotion if he rids our screens of this ghastly woman and dreadful actress.

Anonymous said...

I suppose within a couple of weeks Tracy will claim to be pregnant with Rob's baby. *sigh* It's been soooo nice not having her on my tv screen for a while.

~JB in Canada

Danny-K said...

"Gail’s stunned when Lewis tells her he loves her and he’d like her to move to Naples with him where they could run a small boutique hotel."

Assuming Gail falls for it, hasn't she got a daughter living in Italy?

Off stage, wouldn't a mother and daughter, with no issues, keep in regular touch?

Ergo: Wouldn't Gail innocently tell Sarah, her daughter, (once Gail realised she had to tell everyone she was leaving) about the hotel she was buying and then wouldn't it be only natural for her daughter to take a trip to check it out on her behalf; and thus the scam uncovered?

Danny-K said...

Oops - lizzieizzard said this already up above.

abbyk said...

Good call on the research, DannyK. You don't need to take a trip, but it wouldn't hurt. Other than teenaged Sophie Webster, nobody makes sizable investments without doing some homework.

Except for this ruination of Gail story, I liked Lewis. He was great with Audrey. He fit in beautifully at the Bistro. Winning Audrey back would have been a good story. They'll probably have him wheedle out of trouble by finding some way to show that it was his buddy (Patrick?) who was the scammer and Lewis was another innocent victim. Which we know isn't true.

You split up me and my girlfriend, so now I'm going to utterly ruin you. Please, are they 14? A normal adult would say, hmmm, I want to win her back. What would be a better strategy, proving my worth or destroying her daughter? Stories of the real people in a Northern working class street, hmmm

Janice said...

"Kirsty shows up at the wedding looking like a million dollars."
I have seen those photos. While the dollar has greatly devalued of late, a thrift shop 1970s bridesmaid dress still cost no more than a pound.
I suppose her plan to hurt Fiz and Ty involves going through with the wedding and thus preventing them from being together. This is getting convoluted.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the writers are too busy to have heard of a thing called "th'internet". In a few seconds, you can access details of every hotel in the world, including it's location,'phone number and comments from people who have stayed there. If it's real of course. It's not even necessary to visit.

Janice said...

Rob admires Tracy's cheek."
The one she stills on all day long?

Janice said...

That should read sits on. sorry.


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