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Friday 25 January 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 25 January

Coronation Street, Friday 25th January at 7.30pm

KIRSTY’S LIES THREATEN TO BURY TYRONE. Locked in a police cell, Tyrone’s beside himself and desperate to see Ruby. Kirsty makes a statement to the police, accusing Tyrone of being a dangerous and violent bully. But as the police question the couple’s friends on the street where will they point the finger?
FAYE GOES AWOL. Anna tries to lay the law down to Faye to stop her from seeing her dad.
SOPHIE MAKES A SACRIFICE FOR JENNA. Feeling terrible about Jenna being suspended, Sophie tells her she’s going to inform her boss that she instigated the kiss whilst Jenna was entirely innocent. How will Jenna react?
Elsewhere Lewis does his worst as he attempts to drive a wedge between Gail and Nick.
Moving in for the kill he reiterates his offer of a new life in Italy. Will gullible Gail agree?

Friday 25th January at 8.30pm

WILL THE POLICE SIDE WITH TYRONE OR KIRSTY. Tyrone continues to protest his innocence and lists all the injuries Kirsty has inflicted upon him over the months. Tina and Tommy visit the station to make a statement. But will the police accept his version of events?
ANNA AND OWEN FACE OFF WITH TIM. When Tim drops Faye at home Anna lays the law down and sends him packing, telling him he’s not welcome in Faye’s life. Faye’s furious.
JENNA STRUGGLES WITH HER GUILT. Jenna’s touched at Sophie offering to lie for her. But as she pours her heart out to Lloyd, admitting she’s gay and does have feelings for Sophie, will she realise she can’t let Sophie take the fall?
Elsewhere Lewis lies to Gail telling her the Italian hotel job is still available but they’d have to find some money for accommodation. How will Gail react to this?

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Anonymous said...

Fall Gail, fall from your high horse!

I am not grasping Anna's strong objections to FayE wanting to know her Dad. How does she think she'll keep them apart? FayE hasn't particularly bonded with Anna et al anyway, so Anna will just make their relationship worse. I hope this means that FayE will leave the Street.

Beth said...

Just hated the way Eileen behaved the other night especially when she had a woman dead on her kitchen floor electrocuted by a toaster due to neglect and lack of proper nursing care. People really have short memories on that street! And as for Sean I thought he was supposed to be "Fizzbomb's" friend! I remember when she was in prison only Tyrone came to her rescue, I don't remember Sean visiting her then either. And why didn't Tina and Tommy speak up in the pub and Tina say that she'd seen him bandage his bruises? I was practically screaming at the tv - and not in a good way - in frustration So many rubbish things have happened just to give this story, to quote Collinson, an 'explosive end'. Wake me up when it's over, this story has been so good all the way through and way to spoil it!!!!

Digger said...

"will she realise she can’t let Sophie take the fall?"

And the consequences for Sophie of "taking the fall" are what, exactly? Everyone already knows she's gay. So she made a pass at an attractive woman, so what? It's not illegal and doesn't have any repercussions for Sophie socially or professionally (speaking of which... what DOES she do apart from the odd shift in the corner shop?)

Whereas for Jenna an inappropriate relationship with a patient could cost her her entire career.

ChiaGwen said...

Digger - my sentiments exactly! However, didn't Sophie once again quit the corner shop before she was knocked down by the car?

Danny-K said...

First episode shows a tearful bedside Julie as Kirsty makes up stories to the police officer.

There's Julie's naivety and then there's just good ol' fashioned scraping the barrel, to get viewers feeling sorry for Tyrone.

Then the police officer, after telling Tyrone that accusations of wife-beating have been made against him, shouts at an incredulous Tyrone: "You'll find it very interesting in what your neighbours and friends have been telling us ", and thus proves his credentials for solving cases by heresay and rumour.

I'm already fed up with caring whether the neighbours believe Tyrone or not.

Didn't the faktree girls have a job overcomning their dislike of Kirsty. Not one of them saying: "Well, she'd drive me to violence that one".

They wanna hand Tyrone over to The Witchfinder General do they?
Get on with I say; bored of 'innocent' Tyrone's predicament. The fool's earnt a good roasting on the bonfire! Let them get on with it.

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't matter that Kirsty 'deleted' the photos off his phone. Unless she forensically wiped the memory or systematically saved pictures filling the entire memory a few dozen times, the police or the forensics experts they employ should be able to retrieve the pictures either in full or in part.

ChiaGwen said...

Anonymous - agreed, IT forensics would be able to retrieve them. I had wondered if Fiz had taken them with her own phone, then sent them to Tyrone's phone, but she didn't say anything about that when Tyrone told her Kirsty had deleted the pictures from his guess not.

Danny-K said...

Also isn't there a record at the local clinic for treatment in helping her deal with her anger issues?

Thought she attended the first one
- maybe she didn't attend any, if so a dead end.


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