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Sunday 20 January 2013

Pics: Behind the scenes at Coronation Street

This has been a magical week for the team here on the Coronation Street Blog as we visited the hallowed cobbles in Weatherfield on a very special day out.

You can read out blogger Tvor's account of the day here, and blogger David (Clinkers) review here.

It really was a very special day and without being too theatrical, loveys, bear with me as I repeat a snippet from the final page of the autobiography of actress Amanda Barrie (Alma Baldwin).  I had exactly these words in my mind when we were on the Street set last week:

From It's Not a Rehearsal by Amanda Barrie
'One Christmas I remember being at a party at Granada with Tony Warren and we walked out onto that cobbled street together.  It had been snowing, everything was covered with a thin white blanket.  
"You can feel the magic of the Street, can't you?" I remarked.
"Oh yes," replied Tony, the man who had created the show so many years before.  "I can always feel its magic."
That's just how it is with Coronation Street.'

And that's just how it was on a very cold, very special January day for this Coronation Street fan, over 52 years after Tony Warren first created the show. 

Our bloggers Tvor and Chewy have also uploaded their sets of behind-the-scenes pictures from our visit to the Street set and studio to flickr.  They are most definitely worth a look.

Tvor's photos on flickr  and Chewy's photos on flickr

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Anonymous said...

Green with envy!- Micky

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Rovers' piano!! First, is that vintage from Ena's and the sing-a-long days? Second, where is it in the Rovers now? I can't place it...

Chewy said...

It's in the alcove that leads to the smoking shelter :) (Next to the right hand side of the bar)

Anonymous said...

Is Craig single? :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chewy, I'll keep a look-out!

Sunny Jim said...

The piano isn't original, in fact it's only fairly recent. It used to belong to Coldplay

Grant said...

Talking of the alcove in the Rovers, is there a door supposedly leading out to the smoking area or does the set just end? Fantastic photos by the way!

Beth said...

Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing. Very, very envious :) Although I did visit the street back in 96 when they were still doing tours, I'd love to go back. Your day looked awesome!

Chewy said...

There wasnt actually a door (or wall) in place, there probably is one that they can put there if they need though. :)

Grant said...

Interesting. Have often wondered why we never see that part of the pub often.

bbhilda said...

Great photos, thanks for posting them!
Found it interesting that the Salon backdrop they have there still has Alma's name on it.
I chuckled at the names of the Victoria Court residents too, I wonder if the Elliot is related to Fred? They also have two with a surname of Eccles. LOL!!

Paul said...

Thank you for sharing these amazing pics. Did you manage to get to look in the back yards of the Street, and if so, did you take any photographs?

Tvor said...

We didn't get the chance to get down the ginnel to see the back yards unfortunately.


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