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Saturday 26 January 2013

Coronation Street fans start 'Free Tyrone' campaign

Looks like Tyrone's in a spot of bother on Coronation Street with only Tina (big hair), Fiz (ginger hair) and Tommy (not all there) knowing the truth about him being beaten by crazy Kirsty.

But we fans know he's innocent and it looks like a campaign has started on twitter to prove he's free and get him out of jail.  But don't hold your breath, the story's set to run for a while yet with a court case.

In the meantine, all together everyone... FREE TYRONE!  Send us your pictures and we'll blog the best ones.

The above picture was tweeted by @song_meister who said he spotted it on the big sreen at Liverpool Lime Street train station.
From @carlamulvaney1 via twitter to us @corostreetblog
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By email from Corrie fan Gary Clucas
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lizzieizzard said...

Can we get a tshirt printed with Free Tyrone and lock up Kirsty made. Would love to wear....

Humpty Dumpty said...

It's not a very exciting storyline, but people could urge the writers to give Fiz a few brain cells. Google 'how to recover deleted photos from your phone' and a bundle of software ads come up! Oh dear, I'm taking this far too seriously ...

Frosty the Snowman said...

Leave Tyrone in Jail for a bit - at least then we wont have to look at his gormless mourneful face any longer. Anyone heard of uploading photos to a computer in Weatherfield in the 21st Century - dahhhhh. Should have asked Rob, he seems to be a talented computer hacker who can even get into private emails and calendars from the company website!!

Anonymous said...

Ty should be locked up - he's a menace to himself. What a dork! And Fiz..too dumb for words. I guess we'll be subject to her mewling and hand wringing for another few months whilst Ty gets beaten up in jail or some such nonsense that's been done before.
I am actually enjoying this storyline even if it's just to see how stupid the residents of Coronation Street are. All of a sudden they're a lynch mob baying for Ty's blood!! Awesome!!

Janice said...

Kevin is the wild card in all this. Ty was willing to sell his share of the garage for a pittance just to get away from Kirsty's abuse. He confessed all before her fall. I think Kevin will be key to freeing Tyrone. Their friendship will thus be restored.

Anonymous said...

Wot a load of !!!!. KILL KIRSTY...what goes around comes around and I can't wait to see what gets dished out to that horrid, evil moo moo!

Anonymous said...

For starters I don't think that Tyrone ever put any money into the garage I seem to recall that it was Sally who convinced Kevin to give Tyrone a stake in the garage (probably since he had the affair with Molly and was the father of Jack)but I don't think that any money was ever exchanged - correct me if I'm wrong but that's the way I remember it.
He deserves to stay in gaol if for nothing else but stupidity and Fiz, Tina and Tommy should be right there with him.
What kind of friend starts an affair and the other two help it along knowing that Kirsty is seriously dangerous, they have all seen what she has done to Tyrone and yet encourage the affair.
With friends like that he doesn't need enemies he needs a psychiatrist.
Initially you felt some sympathy for his predicament but as it went along you just shake your head in disgust that the storyline was allowed to go from interesting to farce.

CanuckFan said...

I agree that Tyrone should be left in the clink for awhile to protect himself from himself.

I'm going to have to agree with Frosty on this one, in fact (because Corrie's become so dull) I've taken to watching East Enders where a young lass copied a sound byte from her phone to her computer and when forced to delete the byte from her phone, was swift enough to download another copy to it from her computer (double save). Sure, Fiz doesn't seem computer savvy or likely to even own one but she could have turned to someone (like Rita) to use their computer?!

Although Sally did suggest that Tyrone become a partner in the garage (rather than raising his salary and to keep his loyalty) that means money didn't exchange hands at the time but that he now has a legal right to the value of his share of the business (in essence, Kevin could "buy him out") because his name is part of a legal partnership in the garage.

DiedreGailFizCarla said...

This has been done so many times I cannot get excited about it. We know the formula. Kirsty, a disposal new character, will get her comeuppance against Tyrone, a liked Corrie lifer.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info on the garage partnership, that makes the current storyline understandable.

CanuckFan said...

Anonymous 00:16 - I don't think anything can make this storyline understandable; just hoping maybe the writers read this blog and remember what transpired in the past. There's a first time for everything.

Anonymous said...

That young girl in the "onesie" sure looks like Amy Barlow/MacDonald! Is it???

Anonymous said...

Yes it is.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Meercat sponsors! Brilliant! Just SO entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Please Corrie writers wrap this storyline up with the truth about Kirsty. Many men are subjected to abuse by their wives and partners but are too afraid and ashamed to report it. Tyrone is having problems seeing his daughter and yet Leanne gets Simon who isn't her son, madness!!! I think Tyrone and fiz belong together so please end this quickly and positively for all concerned. Give Tyrone his home back


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