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Monday 28 January 2013

Weekly Corrie awards: January 21 - 25

Sorry we're a bit late this week with them!

No suprises where this is going award: Rob and Tracy, bickering turns to flirting.

Out of your control award: Poor Kirk. He was so organized and even tried to keep the groom sober so nothing could go wrong. He didn't count on Hurricane Kirsty.

Excuse du jour award: Lewis, who never had a problem having sex with his gigolo clients, is slithering away from Gail's attempts at intimacy. He tells her it'll be worth waiting for, not quite the way she thinks it will, though!

Unhappy couple award: Could there be a couple looking more unhappy as their wedding begins than Ty and Kirsty?

Not even on my worst enemy award: Steve would love for Tracy to be distracted from him but he's a nice guy. He doesn't want to purposely inflict Tracy on anyone. But maybe Rob and Tracy deserve each other. 

Dangling on a string award: Tracy's already got Rob dancing to her tune. "forgot" her wallet/purse but kept a credit card aside to shop with while she makes them wait and gets Rob to put her bags in the car. If he's that stupid to fall for it, he deserves her.

Not my responsibility award: Kirsty still won't take any of the blame, putting it all on Fiz. Then blaming her father.

Catfight in the Cafe award: When Sally gets on her high horse, anyone's a target. This time it was Jenna with Mandy defending her chick.

Lines of the Week:
Kirk "Your wedding is the greatest day in my life" (awww bless)
Kirsty "I don't believe in bad luck" (she probably believes in making her own bad luck, for everyone else!)
Kirk "I'm not having anything going wrong at this wedding. Not on my watch" (poor thing, it's beyond your control now!)
Julie "This is going to be a day you'll never forget" Kirsty "I think this is going to be a day that nobody forgets!" (And how!)
Kirsty "I can't do it, not in front of all those people " (somehow I don't think she means the vows)
Kirk "This is not the way i imagined it last night!"
Steve to Rob "I wouldn't recommend a date with Tracy Barlow to my worst enemy"
Peter "I'm just relieved it's not me who's in the spotlight for once"
Ken "I must be getting old. Nothing shocks me anymore"
Tyrone "You beat that love out of me bit by bit"
Tyrone "When I get custody of Ruby, we'll be a proper family. I won't let anyone take you off me" (Bye, now.)
Chesney to Fiz "When it comes to picking fellas, your track record is the worst ever!"
Sally to Sophie "You need to look more for the bad in people"

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Marcy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marcy said...

Ha! Glad to see "Sally to Sophie: 'You need to look more for the bad in people' made the list. I spewed my tea when I heard that...

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty's late awards:

Sporadic IT knowledge Award:; Tis strange that some of those on T’Street are totally IT savvy in this computer age of ours – Rob for example as I have already mentioning his hacking into the company website. Sally transferred all the Underworld information onto a memory stick for her lover Greg Kelly. Sylvie chats on Skype to Milton, Sophie knows how to steal money from her dad’s internet bank account and little Faye can track down her long lost dad amongst trillions of web chat users yet young people like Tyrone, Fizz, shoutface Tina and Tommah have no idea about uploading pictures to computers and even sending them to one of their other personal phones for safekeeping. Dah

Annoying Mother Award:: Someone here called Anna Windass – Anna Whinger and how correct. I dislike this silly silly woman with her simpering voice. Why shouldn’t Faye have contact with her biological father? Anna is so busy watching surrogate Tina’s every move and going to the Rovers with her Neanderthal boyfriend she hasn’t a clue what the 10 year old in her care is up to on the lap top.

Sitting on an imaginary goldmine Award:: Gail borrowing £40k on her house. I thought Gail was left in serious debt by Tricky Dicky and then Gormless Joe Macintyre, why didn’t she borrow against it then to help him and save his life? Now we are supposed to swallow that she does this to fall for exactly the same scam that Panto Lewis was going to do with her mother – a hotel in Greece instead of Italy. Double Dah

Olivegate Award:: Surely if the company were a regular one, they would a) query an order of that size or b) accept the return of them, they are sealed in jars after all. Why are delivery men always portrayed as dismissively rude and unhelpful? Nuffink to do wi’ me mate!

Short memory Award:: It wasn’t too long ago that all the shouting and banging through the wall made people think Eileen was hitting Lesley (remember her – Paul’s wife?) now she is quick to jump to conclusions about Tyrone whom she has known for years.

Baby swap Award:: So noticeable they used two different babies this week to play Rooobeh. One is bald headed and cute, the other bushy haired and not so cute.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the social worker said that Faye's father had no legal rights to contact Faye in any manner what-so-ever.
Is that because he abandoned Faye and her mother even though he is her biological father?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the fact that with the right software there is a very good chance that some or all of the pictures that Kirsty deleted on Tyrone's secret phone could be restored since it probably hasn't been used since she deleted the pictures.
If the police were doing their jobs properly when the existance of the phone was brought out they should have confiscated the phone to do their own investigation of what was on the phone.


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