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Monday 14 January 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 14th January

Is it not possible for any household on the Street to create an unburnt slice of toast? Last week it was Sunita burning the toast and this week it's the Platt family. Gail advises, 'Have cereal, you'll be late.' These same two households always seem to struggle to get their children to school on time too.

Not that Karl is much help. He is looking particularly rough after a night under the stars and now that the lust has died, he tries one more time to wheedle his way back into Stella's affections. Depressed, after yet another rejection, he trudges back to Sunita's. 'I deserve an explanation,' states Sunita. 'You deserve nothing,' replies Karl, rather cruelly. As she approaches him, he orders, 'Don't touch me!' Sunita points out that he came back but he tells her he hasn't come back to her. 'I'm trapped. You trapped me.' He tells Sunita that she has lost nothing, that she still has her house, her children and that Dev would be back at the drop of a hat. Sunita corrects him and tells him that she has in fact lost something - her self-respect. Dev had pointed out that Karl treats her like a doormat and that he talks to her like dirt in front of the children.

Finally then, it's over. Though the locks were changed, there was no real need as Karl threw his keys down contemptuously as he wandered off, saved just in time by Dev, from an act of physical violence towards Sunita. So that chapter is closed. Any chance of a reunion with Dev? Not judging by the look on her face as she went into the house.

Norris was even more irritating than usual. It is his whole purpose, granted, but he took a nudge up the scale tonight. When relaying to Mary the chaos in Roy's Rolls, he spoke with great authority. 'The customer must come first.' On handing over a fiver for her purchase in the Kabin, Norris, ill-naturedly says, 'For goodness' sake! Haven't you got any less?' Irony is a wonderful thing.

Hayley had a good line tonight and as ever sorted Roy out. As he continued to refuse to accept help from Mary, Hayley said, 'Noone ever choked to death swallowing his pride, you know.'She will be missed more than we imagined she would.

Mary, cooking an egg for Jason muses that, 'A perfectly fried egg is a joy to behold.' Somewhat spitefully Roy suggests the egg is burnt. 'Burnt? The lightly browned frilly edge is completely intentional, I assure you.'
Good relations are restored as the story of Mitty, the martyr to lumbago is told and her cure suggested. Later we see Roy sporting a hotwater bottle tucked down the back of his trousers and he is mobile once again.
So Rob has gained access to Underworld's computer and been most unbrotherly. Good thinking, the wondrous Carla, who books in a fake meeting. Looking forward to see how that works out...

We saw a kinder side to Eva tonight, brought on of course by the terrible dilemma Kylie finds herself in. When David demands the keys to Audrey's car, Eva says, 'He needs to go.' Previously she listened with real sympathy to Kylie who was in a very distressed state.  Noone is all bad.

Great sympathy was in order for a very distraught David tonight. What a terrible situation for the two of them, or should that be three of them, to be in. A very serious issue expertly played out. The actors playing Kylie and David put in a tour de force. Superb, utterly convincing acting.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Do the Weatherfield residents not know of Pop Up Toasters, they are a wonderful invention and have been around for some time. When the toast is ready set to the brownness you like - hey presto it POPS UP. St Ella obviously has one. Drrrr

ChiaGwen said...

Great acting from David and Kylie. As someone else mentioned on another write-up, surely it has been too soon from the Christmas Day tango to get results on a pee stick?

Anonymous said...

But of course Kylie is relying on the morning sickness, the milk smells funny, test to confirm her pregnancy - no?


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