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Saturday 26 January 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 25 January

Poor old St Tyrone was unjustly in the clink after being arrested after psycho Kirsty accused him of domestic abuse after she handily fell down the stairs and got bruised.

The Free Tyrone Dobbs campaign, as you have probably read on this site, has already started among fans (it's only pretend, people!)

 As he was questioned in his cell, the police didn't seem to believe Ty's protest that : "I want it on record.  Kirsty is a liar, she's been abusing me". 

Nor did they seem to believe Tina when she came into the police station to give evidence to support Tyrone.

Meanwhile  Fiz came to visit Kirsty who told her that Tyrone was "going  down" - that as an ex-policewoman she knew the police system and that her bruises made her a "dream witness:"

Jenna, facing her disciplinary tribunal, came out as gay to her father Lloyd during a heart to heart at his place while ever-whining Sawphie confessed it was she who made all the running in coming on to Jenna. Very unbelievable this storyline and the chemistry between Jenna and Sophie is less than zero.

Meanwhile Lewis' evil plan was fermenting nicely as he claimed the Tuscan hotel job was still going but accommodation was not  included.  Besotted  twit Gail  proceeded to apply for a £40,000 loan against her house, while Lewis pretended to protest, twirling his metaphorical moustache. 

The reappearance of Fay's dodgy looking real father did not impress Owen and Anna, especially after he returned late with her from an outing.

Anna told him to leave the child alone, that she was her mother now and he was still young enough to have more children.  

Owen, typically, let his fists do the talking, grabbing Tim by the scruff of his neck (despite being about six inches shorter)  telling him : "Don't go within a mile of Fay ever again". That's not going to happen, is it?

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Kirsty'sonRecordasaNutter said...

I suppose the fact that Kirsty lost her job as a copper for being a nutter and deliberately trying to cause GBH using a vehicle will have been conveniently forgotten when it comes time to line up evidence? Although I can't say I know for sure that Tyrone has been involved with Kirsty's old colleagues as part of his current ordeal but I think we can all be sure Kirsty would have quite the unpleasant reputation amongst coppers for miles around after she lost her job!

This is one time I am so thrilled to wait for the trap to snap shut around Gail. Her behaviour during the entire Nick/Leanne ordeal, the way she treated Audrey during her relationship with Lewis, and countless other things have made me wish David had succeeded in shoving her down the stairs. Tick tock, Gail. Tick tock.

Sure FayE's bio Dad seems dodgy but she seems to genuinely want to get to know him/spend time with him and what's this that Anna and Owen think they are better for FayE? By controlling her every move, ignoring her, and reprimanding her at every opportunity? Yes, a loving household she's been flung into indeed and such a shock that she'd want to meet and spend time with her bio Dad, to perhaps resolve some issues of abandoment and identity? What a thoughtless girl, I sure home Owen knocks some sense into her - he's such a gem of a man, after all.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Kirsty: didn't Tyrone take a call from a counsellor whom Kirsty was supposed to see and didn't turn up? There are records somewhere - health visitor, Dr Carter etc - that point to problems with anger management. Let them be found quickly before we start writing the script for them.

Couldn't care less about Faye and her birth father. What a shame because potentially this could be a highly charged story.

Don't care what happens to Gail either but I'm still a fan of Audrey's. I hope she comes out of this story with her head held high.iagedop 28

Humpty Dumpty said...

apologies! that's one of the robot speaking at the end of my comment!!!

Anonymous said...

I found this episode redundant..esp the cops questioning Ty in such a manner..they did the same with Becky when Tracy accused her of pushing her down the stairs causing her to lose her babies.Why do they portray the cops in this show as a bunch of morons?There's enough evidence to charge Kirsty but you can bet that will not happen, at least not anytime soon. I am also tired to death of Anna Windass..should change her name to Anna Winger because that's all she seems to do..and Owen is just boring..Fay's dad should've given him a knee to the 'nads.
Jenna..not believable and what 'reputation' would Sophie have to tarnish if she took the blame for trying to snog Jenna? Sopie's a spoiled whiney brat.
BTW..anyone see the Mirror's reveal about Helen Flanagan? Sort of a strange bit of information.

Anonymous said...

Love it! "...while Lewis pretended to protest, twirling his metaphorical moustache." Also love Lewis as a breath of fresh air character.

KittyKat said...

TY needs to get hold of Kirsty's Mum , get her to talk to her daughter and then she will pour her cold heart out and then get the help she really needs, proving Ty was the victim all along and maybe just maybe we will then get some sort of normality, Ty to re-unite with Ruby and have a family with Fiz and Hope! Please????

Frosty the Snowman said...

So bored of Tiresome Tyrone and his shouty little gnome friends, see Tina walked out of a shift again, even St Ella who is supposed to be her boss remarked she had been gone a long time. Yet she seems to get away with it time after time when in real life she would have been sacked months and months ago. Cannot see why someone even as dopy as Gail is falling for exact the same lines that Lewis gave to Audrey - investing in a non existant hotel - although Lewis didnt go ahead with it before and as Gail will not unfortunatey be leaving or moving he probably wont again - Yawn.

vicky said...

And that's why if you have cherished evidence that someone has been abusing you that you plan to exploit later on, you don't leave the only copies of it on a phone you hide in the shed.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chatty Kathy said...

I'm hoping that the appearance of Faye's biological dad means that she will be leaving with him soon, and thus be off the Street. There's no other realistic way to get her off the show. Even though Anna has adopted her legally, the fact that the real father wasn't allowed in the loop might be a way for him to challenge the adoption. And Faye would most likely prefer to be with him instead of Anna & Owen. The character of Faye just hasn't caught on, and she needs to go. She brings down every scene she's in.


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