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Sunday 27 January 2013

Ex-Corrie fella vows never to return to Coronation Street

Sean Wilson, who played Martin Platt in Coronation Street, left the show in 2005 after it was claimed that he was unhappy with the direction his character was going. If you remember, Martin Platt had an affair with Katy Harris who was under the age of consent.

In his book "The Great Northern Cook book" (which is wonderful, by the way) Sean say this: "By 2005 I knew my tenure on the Street had to end. An editorial decision was made that Martin should embark on an underage relationship, something that made me uncomfortable. I picked up my coat and left in September in that year ending 21 years of massive fun with a fabulous on-set family."

And now Sean has confirmed his future is in cooking and cheeses rather than the cobbles. He told the North West Evening mail:

He said: “I will act again, but never with Coronation Street. They were very rude to me when I left, I would rather walk down any other street even if I had a nail in my shoe.”

Since leaving Corrie, he as established The Saddleworth Cheese Company and spent a lot of time cooking in Michelin-starred restaurants.

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Scott Willison said...

A nation weeps.

Glenda Young said...

Aw. I think it says a lot about how things are behind the scenes to be honest even if it was 2005.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't miss him on Corrie although I applaud him for standing by his beliefs that the storyline was unacceptable. To be honest I thought the article might have been about Steve Huison who played Eddie Windass. I definitely think they should bring him back . After all he has a grandchild on the way and Owen and Anna are not working as a couple for me. We are expected to accept that Eddie just left , Anna wasn't bothered, and he's not spoken of anymore .

Anonymous said...

Not above using the Street's massive media profile to promote his endeavours though, eh? Even though they were so "rude" to him. I'm with Scott.

Humpty Dumpty said...

His two kids were very young at the time and he was worried they would be bullied at school. Didn't Bill Roache complain of something similar - and he was only accused of being boring?! Why shouldn't he use his connection with Coronation Street? It's on his cv and, hey, business is business.

Anonymous said...

I am glad he has built a successful career and so he is able to tell the truth about his departure. His character may not have set the steet on fire, but after 21 years he surely deserved better. I have thought for a long time that there is one rule for those who get an "explosive exit" and another for those who are seen as dispensable.

Danny-K said...

"Sean Wilson, who played Martin Platt in Coronation Street, left the show in 2005 after it was claimed that he was unhappy with the direction his character was going."

- I lost interest after that bit. Soap characters losing character integrity to ratings?

Eh? He'd have better luck convincing the world the pope is Jewish, rather than it's unfair, unjust, and unheard of, for soap characters to be made to behave outrageously out of character!

Once an actor treats their character portrayal as precious - they're finished.

Janice said...

He is an actor and Martin was just a role. I am sure Katy Ford does go around bashing men on the head in real life. Jane Danson was never a prostitute, Natalie Gumede is not bully etc, etc. Is he not able to tell fact from fiction?

Anonymous said...

I give him credit for standing up for what he felt was an inappropriate storyline, whether or not he's just an actor and Martin was just a role. There are some lines that should not be crossed and that was right up there with having an incestuous couple on the Street or some such other disgrace. Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should.

Unfortunately, his exit from Corrie appears to have played out exactly the same as any other workplace. They love you when you do what they want and forget you the second you say you want to leave; doesn't matter how many years you were there or what your role/relationship was. Such is life.

Nathan Johnson said...

I did like Martin Platt during his time, but its strange how he is just forgotten about and barely mention. I think a few months after his departure he was mentioned by David, like going to visit him. But now in the past few years he has barely got a mention, or his current living conditions. And considering a lot the Platts have gone through in the past few years, with David being an evil little git, to his wedding to Kylie, Gail locked up in prison, Joe's death, etc, its strange Martin wouldn't be concerned. I understand they can't really "show" Martin if Sean Wilson doesn't return, but he can be mentioned, or somehow make his presence felt, not like he just vanished into a black hole.

But anyway, glad he is having a good career in cheese making, as long as he is doing well and having a good life that's all that matters. Perhaps one day in the future he might be convinced to make an appearance of some sort, that's if he isn't killed off-screen.


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