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Sunday 13 January 2013

Coronation Street weekly awards, January 7 - 11

That's your life mate: After the toast discussion, Karl comes home to burned toast.

Useless Twit award aka Showing your True Colours award: Karl.

Passing notes in school: Lewis passing a furtive note saying "I love you" to Gail right under Audrey's nose.

Pot stirring award: Eva just can't help herself.

Music ambience award: White Wedding playing in the pub while Julie and Kirsty are talking weddings.

What part of "No" award: How many times did Jenna have to tell Sophie she didn't want a drink bought for her?

Hard A$$ award: Kevin. He has no right putting in a complaint. Sophie is of legal age isn't she?

Ivy Tilsley award: Gail peeking out through the nets gave me shivers.

Spare Part award: Ryan Connor. Only seen these days chatting to Sophie.

Rites of Manhood award: Nick finally grew a pair and told his mother to go pound sand if she couldn't accept Leanne.

Deja Vu award: Nick told Kylie she'll have to have an abortion. There isn't even a sure chance it's his. At least the dna is similar.

Fashion shout: White weddings have been bad luck for Leanne, go for the scarlet woman look in blood red! (and a summer dress, to boot!) but then, red is lucky for Chinese weddings, after all!

Lines of the Week:
Leanne "Oh no, Eva, you're the soul of discretion"
Gail "Do you think I made things worse going to see Leanne?" (Duh.)
Kevin "Don't insult me intelligence" (you constantly prove you don't have any)
Lewis "Cruel to be kind. Time to cut those apron strings" (haven't we been saying that for years?)
Gail "I'm not just a pretty face" (you can say that again)
"David? The voice of reason? Now we *are* in trouble" and
"It's not every day  your mother threatens to knock you over and sit on you"
"Most men aren't interested in a woman's foundations, Lewis"
Mandy "Jenn's not even gay for heavens' sake!" (Phrase of Doom, anyone?)
Lewis "I like them desperate, age is immaterial"
Kirk "I get this all the time, people wanting to pick me brains"
Dev about Karl "Your partner, your lover, your... drain on your resources?"
Lloyd "I'm sure this will straighten itself out. No pun intended."
Roy "Mother was once told that she was an Empress in a former life. It's a notion she's struggled to dismiss"
Stella "You took my toast for granted"
Eva "It's your funeral.... sorry! Wedding!" (hahahahaha!)
Kylie "Love's blind" Gail "Have to be deaf and all, mouth on her!" (She's got a point)
Mary "I've ruined the wedding" Lewis "Have you slept with the groom?" (No, that was Kylie's misfortune)
Mary to Roy "We mustn't let a French tart come between us!" (Marscapone, that's Italian isn't it?)
Karl to Sunita "I'd rather be hated by her than loved by you!" (Ouch!)

Was that a shout to Leanne's past? She looked very like she did in 1997 when she first married Nick.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty Awards:
Seat of Doom award: Anyone else notice that whenever anyone is down or having problems they go and sit on that bench near the bus stop where somebody will happen along to share their problems. Unbelievably Kylie decided to share her’s with the most spiteful troublemaker in the street.

Discretion award: Kylie discussing her pregnancy with Nick and talking about abortion in the middle of the Bistro amidst family and friends at his wedding party – wha???????

Nasty Face award: Sunita sure was pulling them and how is Karl treating her although she thoroughly deserves it. Her leaving the Street – and ACTUALLY going – is obviously imminent. What for Karl now he is ruined? His thieving and cheating and lazing about is not amusing any longer.

Barf effect award: That snogging with the whispering eyelash fluttering simpleton with Lewis the bouffant haired cad. Once a con man always a con man. Cannot believe Gail has fallen for his flannel. But have no sympathy with this woman - anyone that can really be this dense and wants to carry on with her mother’s ex boyfriend certainly deserves everything they get.

Misery guts award Stone faced Jenna and Sophie the Moaner really deserve each other, a couple of bland personality-less whingers. Neither of them ever crack a smile or are gracious in any way. Pity they don’t run off together into the sunset then we would not have to put up with either of them and their tiresome relationship that is to come.

Chef on Strike award: Nick owns a supposedly upmarket restaurant. He must have contacts. Why on earth was mad Mary of all people doing the catering for his wedding with the bloke from the greasy spoon riding to the rescue? Bonkers.

Anonymous said...

Quickest pregnancy on record..Kylie..what..Xmas Eve quckie and not a month later she knows she's up the duff and another 'who's the daddy' scenario will play out.
Wasted attemp at a plotline...Jenna and Sophie..waste of time and going nowhere. I also don't buy into Mandy and Lloyd..sorry, but they're more like brother and chemistry IMO

Anonymous said...

I also don't buy into Mandy and Lloyd..sorry, but they're more like brother and chemistry IMO
Don't give the new producer any ideas next thing we know it will be they were separated at birth and we now have a case of a child from an incestuous relationship that was unknown until now.

Anonymous said...

I agree anonymous, there is no chemistry betwen Lloyd and Mandy whatsoever and why is she always so stoney faced. Can't we have someone a bit chiroy behind the bar from time to time?- Micky

Humpty Dumpty said...

There's nothing in the slightest bit amorous about Lloyd and Mandy's relationship. I'd hoped they would love the same kind of music and be a funky couple, doing music nights at the Rovers. Jenna and Sophie: don't buy it at all. I guess tptb were aiming for diversity when they gave Lloyd a black family (Craig Charles's own words)so will they have the nerve to axe both Mandy and Jenna? I'm sure diversity is the only reason Dev has been kept on.

Bezza said...

What's going on here award
Anyone notice how Anna is always listening in when Lewis and his accomplice are discussing ripping off Gail

Janice said...

Yes I think Anna will be the one to tip off Gail (despite their differences) and Lewis will be cooked good and proper.

Beth said...

Don't like Mandy, think she's boring and wooden. Such a shame as Lloyd deserves better as a storyline. Don't even get me started on Jenna. Lloyd is a sweetheart and could have had a wife and littlies. He'd have been great with a younger family of his own. This is spoiling him and I agree no chemistry with the very wooden Mandy and personality less Jenna.

ChiaGwen said...

I'm also in the not liking Mandy club, especially paired with Lloyd - no chemistry there at all, more like brother/sister. The downfall for the Jenna character was being put in a storyline with that shreiking, whiney, do nothing Sophie who should have been punted long ago. Shame really - should have been cast as a love interst for Lloyd, not his daughter.

Anonymous said...

I can't figure the Mandy/Lloyd thing at all. Lloyd is a fun guy, so he likely was 30 years ago. I don't think Mandy would've been the "love of his life" back then if her personality was the sourpuss she is now. They don't mesh. There's no chemistry.

As for Jenna and Sophie ... just doesn't make sense. An educated professional and Sophie??? C'mon writers! Get real.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Ya it is kinda stupid and lame.


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