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Monday 14 January 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 14 January

Coronation Street, Monday 14th January at 7.30pm
EVA DELIVERS A BOMBSHELL TO DAVID. Under pressure, Kylie books a secret abortion. Eva tries to talk her out of it but to no avail. However when an excited David discovers Kylie’s positive pregnancy test in the bin, will Eva tell him about Kylie’s plan?
KARL SPOILS THE ALAHAN’S PARTY. It’s Aadi and Asha’s birthday. When Karl returns after last night’s row Sunita begs him to forgive her for deleting Stella’s text but as Karl gets drunk during the twins’ party is their relationship beyond repair?
ROY IS FORCED TO EAT HUMBLE PIE. Roy is in agony when he pulls a muscle in his back. As Fiz struggles to cope in the caf√© single-handed will Roy accept Mary’s offer of help?
ElsewhereFiz is sickened when Kirsty brags about how happy Tyrone makes her. Carla informs Michelle that Rob intercepted her client and stole Underworld’s contract. Carla vows to work out how Rob knew about her meeting.

Monday 14th Januaryat 8.30pm
DAVID PLEADS WITH KYLIE TO RECONSIDER. David forces his way into the abortion clinic to confront Kylie. Guilty, Kylie tells David their marriage isn’t stable enough yet for a child. David begs her to come home and discuss it before going through with the abortion. Will Kylie agree?
KARL’S LEFT OUT IN THE COLD.As Aadi and Asha’s party is brought to a premature end by Karl, Dev denounces Sunita for letting Karl make a mug of her. As he urges Sunita to find someone worthy of her Sunita decides enough is enough.
ROY AND MARY SUFFER CHESS PAINS. Mary’s offended as Roy can’t help but criticise as she stands in at the cafe. Will they ever put their differences aside?
Elsewhere Carla’s furious to discover Rob has been remote accessing the Underworld diary and decides to play Rob at his own game. When Kirsty looks for some paint will she find Tyrone’s secret phone which he hides in an empty tin?

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Ginger Beer said...

I do not like this storyline. I know they're planting the seeds of a huge storyline later in the year or even next year, but I hate it when they're cruel to one of my favourite characters (Kylie, in this case)

Danny-K said...

I think it's odds on Kylie WILL carry on with the pregnancy for no other reason than to have the abortion would leave bigger questions for the characters safely unanswered, ie., boring TV.

Having the baby means potentially explosive storylines for several of the characters and conflict is what it's all about, isn't?

As for Kylie, the production team need just a tad more care when earmarking different scriptwriters for episodes where she is centre stage.

I've already posted, awhile back on how they made Kylie employ the word 'euphemism' when explaining a joke at Audrey's expense. A word that a girl from her background would NEVER use, let alone understand and would instantly label you as a 'type' if you used it in her presence.

Later, continuing her character's
maturing, it was most gratifying to see her natural entrepreneurial skills on display when she TOOK CHARGE of Nick's Bistro and rearranged double bookings into a shared buffet and by wily manipulation, successfully deflating future complaints by offering the party booker a free dinner for her and her partner. Even Eva (as well as Nick) was in awe of her skills that night!

Cue last week, where a distracted Kylie made faux pas after faux pas by not knowing the difference of a wedding 'toast' and the breakfast variety of toast with a 'doh' look on her face and sarcastic Mickey-taking from David.
Remember this was the girl who single-handly rearranged the dinning arrangements that would defeat an experienced caterer.

In other words someone in production alters a character's core being, just to 'paste' a clever joke around them.

So which way are the production team going with this?

Is it: Empty-headed Rosie-like thicko -


Maturing young lady, getting the opportunity to show her get-up-and-go, whilst displaying innate natural born management leader skills, culled maybe from fending for herself in the hard school of knocks from earlier times?

Kylie is a character that has caught viewer's imagination as they say, (future Elsie Tanner?) And as such the producers et al need to up their game on the small stuff of this character.

Anonymous said...

Well said Danny. The inconsistent behaviour of characters is a real bug bear of mine too!- Micky

ChiaGwen said...

Well said indeed Danny-K! We just have to look at the disaster that is Sunita when you have inconsistent behaviour or a character totally re-drawn to fit into a not thought out daft storyline.

Tvor said...

To be fair, Kylie did have an awful lot on her mind that evening! I too hate it when a character's personality is abruptly and rudely changed, we always referred to it, in online circles as the PTF, Personality Transplant Fairy.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think you should shut up and stop pretending to be one of the script writers.

Anonymous said...

And I am not a script writer but a Corrie fan of 40 years. Get a life.


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