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Monday 28 January 2013

Coronation Street Weekly Update: "It's disgusting!"

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Lewis’ work is almost done, winding up Gail about a dream life in th’Italy so she goes and takes out a loan on her house “no really, you shouldn’t have, I implore you, my angel”. Gail’s even learning ‘Italian for Lovers’ from a pound shop DVD while Lewis twiddles an imaginary moustache every time he turns his back on the camera. Well, he doesn’t really, but you know what I mean, generally acting the pantomime villain while Gail acts the village fool.  As they get cosy on the sofa and Gail kisses Lewis on the soft furnishings, in walks Audrey and catches them canoodling. Oh ‘eck.

After Audrey walks in and spies Gail and the gigolo on the sofa all cosy, Nick and David walk in too. “It’s disgusting!” says David. “It’s disgusting!” he says again, before a family pow-wow at the Bistro is called. Over Nick’s best napkins, insults are slung and Audrey drowns her sorrows. “He’s a conman, a gigolo and your mother’s ex! How low can you go?” asks David, to which Lewis at least had the decency to reply: “I’m no longer a gigolo,” while remaining tight lipped on the conman bit.

Over at the Barlows’, Steve serves divorce papers to Tracy on the grounds of irretrievable breakdown due to unreasonable behaviour - hers, not his, of course.  Tracy stomps around the living room with Ken and Deirdre ignoring her histrionics. “Sandwich, Steve?” Deirdre offers from the kitchen as Tracy goes into toxic meltdown. “No thanks, Deirdre,” replies Steve as Tracy begs Steve to retrieve the irretrievable, unbreak the breakdown but Steve remains unmoved.  Come on Tracy, give him his divorce. Without it he can’t make a fool of himself all over again at his wedding number 53 this spring. No, that’s not a spoiler, it’s an educated guess based on past performance.

Anyway, cast your mind back to last week when the wedding went awol after Kirsty found out about Tyrone and Fiz. Not only did she find out their relationship, she also discovered Tyrone’s secret phone, the one Fiz had taken pictures of Tyrone’s injuries with. Well, those pictures, that evidence, is not there any more. Delete. Delete. Delete.  After Kirsty falls down the stairs and tells the cops that Tyrone pushed her, the doomed groom is taken in for questioning, and blaming, while the snide bride weeps in her hospital bed and lies to the copper who’s taking her statement. As an ex-copper, she knows the statement he’s taking and knows how to play the game, scoring high enough to have baby Ruby taken away from Tyrone and into care.

Out on the Street there’s only three people who know the truth about Tyrone while all the rest of them point their fingers and sneer, taking Kirsty’s side, unwilling and unable to believe Tyrone’s been beaten up and therefore must be lying, putting him in the role of abuser instead. There’s only Fiz (ginger hair), Tina (big hair) and Tommy (not all there) who know the truth. And there’s Kirsty, of course, who’s just weird.

FayE’s dad Tim turns up after she gets in contact with him on th’internet.  Anna refuses to let daughter see dad and Owen plays to his strengths by beating Tim up.  “You know there’s a name for blokes like you?” Owen sneers at Tim, to which little FayE pipes up: “Yeah, it’s ‘dad’.”

Jenna has her work tribunal this week, and admits to mum Mandy that she really is gay, it’s a lot for Jemma to go through in one week. She comes out to her mum and goes through the wringer at work but she stands by who she is and what she did. Unfortunately, she gets fired from her job with immediate effect and then has to fend off teenage Sophie who wants to come in for a snog.

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@de :-) said...

Nice to see some humour making a return to the Street after the recent unrelenting misery!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Great to see Eileen and Gail at the OK Corral. About time someone told Eileen what I think of her! Leanne has a short memory. Wasn't she playing happy families with both Danny and Jamie? Mandy's reaction to the news that her daughter was a lesbian seemed a little OTT. As for Anna and Faye, does anyone care about them anymore?

njblas said...

Pardon my ignorance...I must have missed something a while back. I don't understand why Faye is usually typed as FayE on this blog. Can anyone enlighten me?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Humpty Dumpty - Mandy's reaction may have come from her Jamaican roots - in Jamaica being gay is looked upon as a sin and you can be murdered for it. I cannot believe Jenna who would have been of previous good character would be impromtuly sacked for a tiny kiss with a girl who is an adult. Reprimanded yes, but as someone said she will be stitching knicker's in Carla's gang of lame ducks before much longer.


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