Monday, 14 January 2013

ITV Job Vacancy: Assistant Producer at Coronation Street

Fancy being the new Assistant Producer at Coronation StreetThen click here for full info.

ITV has an exciting opportunity for an experienced Assistant Producer to oversee story lining and story editing at key stages and work closely with the Story Editor. You will be responsible for overseeing the Script Editor/s and the editing and production of up to 35 scripts per week, including development of the Script Editor/s and practical script editing at key stages

You will overview both story, script and production at pre-production through production. You will communicate with production and make key editorial decisions to enable smooth running of programme, and continuity of editorial content. You will manage our editorial team, provide editorial feedback for both script and story and make key editorial decisions whilst providing back up and support as required to the Producer.

You will participate and contribute in Story and Commissioning Conferences and Script Meetings and when necessary assist our producer in meetings participating and contributing in Production Meetings with Producer, Script Editor/s, Director, 1st AD and PA conveying ITV corporate/management information to the team. You will also have responsibility for liaising with the online and digital teams and liaising back to the producer.

The successful applicant must have strong management and development skills, excellent interpersonal skills and have excellent editorial judgement. You will have thorough knowledge of production, script and story.

If you have proven story lining and script editing experience and want to walk down our cobbles apply by 28th January

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I may be reading too much into this, but they were looking for an AP last April. Could be that they have more than one but, if not, sounds like very quick turn-over. And is it co-incidence that the position becomes available so soon after a change in producer? A case of a new broom sweeping very clean. Well, all to the good, I say,if the new appointee reads this blogsite and takes some notice of our views.

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