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Monday 21 January 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 20 January

Finally! The wedding the nation has been waiting for appears on our screens. Leading up to the wedding it looked as if Kirsty would explode. When the revelation came at the alter it was much calmer than most had imagined, bringing such shock to Fiz and Tyrone. The secret phone stored in an old paint tin provided the wherewithal for Kirsty to wreck her own wedding and also act as the something borrowed!

Kirk was extremely touching in carrying out his role of best man. 'It's the greatest offer ever bestowed on me,' he said, bubbling with emotion. He took his role most seriously, persistently checking on Tyrone's health and allowing him just one pint in The Rovers,  batting away any offers of whisky for the groom. Tyrone and Kirk both cut a dash in their suits and gold ties - very nice touch. Kirsty, looking absolutely stunning, tells people, rather ominously, that this wedding day will be a day no-one will forget. As Kirsty reveals what she knows about Fiz and Tyrone, she say to Tyrone, 'You've hurt me more than I thought anyone could.' Our sympathy darts from one to the other in this scene of Fiz, Tyrone and Kirsty and throughout subsequent scenes - all this so excellently acted.

On leaving the church, Kirsty is in Brian's car with Julie while she decides what to do. Brian chooses this moment to show his concern for the environment, as he says they can't keep driving round like this. Maybe the winner of 2013's most inappropriate remark so far.

Back with Tyrone, who is at home, he challenges Kevin, who in fairness is doing his best. Tyrone points out that he doesn't wish to be lectured by Kevin on affairs. Indeed Tyrone. Then, as Tyrone points out, it's deja vu - 'I lose a partner and a baby and you're stood here with me again.'  Then in walks Kirsty. who utters the chilling words, 'Gone? Oh no. I've not finished with you - not by a long chalk.'

Fancy an olive anyone? Brilliant sabotage by Lewis - so simple yet so effective - just add two noughts. Later, Gail's attempts at seduction failed but she believes this is because the circumstances were not sufficiently romantic for their first time, at least that was the line Lewis spun and when you want to believe someone, it's easy to do so. 'I want to spoil you,' he declares, a phrase which given what we know, carries another meaning. 'Can I ask you to wait?' Then in the second episode Lewis revives the Tuscany plan, having told Gail that she worries about her children too much and anyway if she moves to Italy she'll be nearer to Sarah who's in Milan. Shrewdly, he then tells Gail to forget everything he said which with the knowledge of a little elementary psychology will make her desperate to take up his offer. Hold tight Gail because you are going to fall from a massive height.

So, are we ready for the budding romance? Tracy and Rob, of course.. Steve only seemed to entice Rob by describing the mother of his child as a liar, a manipulator, vindictive, spiteful and cruel. Rob asks why Steve married her and Steve has to admit to temporary insanity. Maybe each has met their match here. Could be entertaining!  

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Anonymous said...

anyone noticed the continuty error, with Gail's hair when she was in the bistro in was short , shot of her and lewis in the house it was long, back to the bistro it was short again !!

Janice said...

I thought it was funny when Kirsty walked into the church she looked over at Fiz, just like Diana did with Camilla. The selfishness of Kirsty to complain how much she has been hurt. Does she ever spare a thought for hurt she caused to Tina, Tommy, Ty and Fiz ?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I did feel there was a bit of 'let's tie up some loose ends here' dialogue between Fiz and Chesney. She tells her brother that evidence of Tyrone's bruises were taken with his phone which Kirsty now has. OK, we get the point, he's up a gum tree and, no doubt, she'll delete the photos. If I was Chesney, I would have said: 'Why didn't you take them on your phone?'

Billy Niblick said...

Tchoh. Why on earth don't Tyrone, Fiz, and Kirsty just sit down over a nice cup of tea and sort all this out like mature adults?

Danny-K said...

Very often, I find with soaps that promise an exciting and explosive scene is so teased and teased, stretched and stretched, from the natural ending of one episode to the next that something that should knock your socks off, often gets a bit diluted, all sacrificed to the god of getting a good 'cliff-hanger'.

The ending of the first episode with Kirsty ringing Fizz's phone and the shock on the congregation's faces (and Fizz's) was first class. No doubt about it - first class!
Like a punch in the face!
- but sadly it all became very much diluted after the natural ad breaks and change over to the second episode where the 'meat' of the exchanges were eagerly expected.

However, I have to ask - did a different director take over for the second episode?

Why didn't they keep Fizz's agony, of her wanting a hole to open up and swallow her, in full view, with everyone looking at her and tut-tutting, and taking it from there?

Because the original wide angle full view of the church with all the guests and vicar in sight, added very dramatically to the public humiliation of Fizz. (No where to hide!) in the first episode - but by the opening of the second episode it had all gone due to the close-up's - for the worse.

Gone was the full view of the church and everything now shot in close-up's with only a few guests visible, which you could count on one hand.

At first I thought I was too late tuning back in, and that the main participants had been shuffled off into a side room or something, that I taped the ITV+1 channel to see if that had occurred.

No it hadn't. Now it was all intimate close-ups and the huge public humiliation of Fizz, just seemed to evaporate, to me.

It was okay, but to me, didn't live up to the ending that episode one promised.

Mind you I found that the case with the tram crash, so this 'stretching out and out,' might just be me.

abbyk said...

Gaping hole of the day: who doesn't turn their phone off or at least on silent in church? Seriously.

I am glad Kevin and Ty are reconciling, and that others are beginning to see some stuff just doesn't add up. Should be an interesting end to this story. Kirsty, luv to hate you.

Tracy and Rob, yeah, they deserve each other but what an ick factor. I'm going to make like a Webster girl and go wash my hands, for a few years.

Anonymous said...

What was the big surprise that we were all promised in the wedding? That Kirsty made a 'phone call? Really?

Anonymous said...

Loving Julie more and more! Hope she's not gone for long after the actress has her baby.

Nathalie G. is absolutely fabulous as Kirsty - so intense, so complicated, so out of control. Yes, there are lots of gaps in the plot. I thought that Fiz took the photos of Tyrone's bruises on her phone, before she bought him the secret phone for Christmas.

Poor Kirky - so willing and proud of his role. Where was Beth though?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Kirk and Julie shone in this episode, she may be annoying sometimes but she is a true friend. Kirky was a great best man to the ever hang dog master of his own destiny Tyrone.

What was that Lewis whipped up in a matter of minutes for R'Gail's lunch? It looked like spaghetti bolgonaise to Frosty. Laughed out loud at her desperate to get him in her lair - sorry bed - his discomfort was obvious!!

Mary Prankster said...

When Fiz gave Tyrone the phone at Christmas she told him she'd transferred the "evidence" photos to his new phone from her old one, because she couldn't stand to look at them. I remember because at the time I thought "Dumb move!. That's gonna come back to bite you both."

Anonymous said...

Dear old Ches the look on his face when he sat there near his sister and heard her side of the story, watch out Kirsty Chesney is quiet but deadly - and now Kevin knows the truth that will be an interesting session when madam Sally I know everything is put back in her place by Kevin - the look on a few peoples faces reminded me of cogs slowly ticking over lets hope the truth will out and Tyrone and Fizz will have a happier future - with the support of the local Corrie families.

Water to Wine said...

Another lavish Corrie wedding where the household's only income is Kirsty's packing job.

Tvor said...

Up to now, Tyrone still owns a share in the garage so he'd likely still be getting profits from it. I guess selling his share for legal fees is going to be more appropriate once Kirsty has him arrested!

I thought the phone call revealing Fiz as the lover was a really good touch, rather than Kirsty just shouting and pointing a finger. Can't deny that evidence!

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't matter that Kirsty 'deleted' the photos off his phone. Unless she forensically wiped the memory or systematically saved pictures filling the entire memory a few dozen times, the police or the forensics experts they employ should be able to retrieve the pictures either in full or in part.


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