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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Pics: Kirsty and Tyrone's wedding album

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – as Coronation Street’s Tyrone Dobbs is about to find out. The day of Tyrone and Kirsty’s wedding has finally arrived and the bride and groom are looking forward to a day to remember – for very different reasons.

Tyrone feels a mixture of relief and panic over what he’s about to do. Needing to be married to Kirsty so he can ensure parental rights over Ruby he heads to the church, despite the fact that he’s in love with Fiz.

Kirsty meanwhile has planned every aspect of the wedding down to a tee and she intends to make it a day that no one in Weatherfield will ever forget – especially as the night before the wedding she has discovered Tyrone is having an affair with Fiz!

Devastated and furious she has to make a decision whether to go ahead with the wedding knowing what Tyrone is up to. Kirsty won’t take this lying down so expect many more surprises as this dramatic story unfolds.

The action packed episodes to be screened on ITV on Monday 21 January at 7.30pm and 8.30pm are full of unexpected twists and turns – and even after Tyrone and Kirsty return from the church the drama continues with tragic consequences.

Kirsty arrives at the church looking a million dollars in her unusual purple wedding gown. What happens next will have viewers open mouthed in shock!

The details of what happens at the church are being kept top secret but as these new photographs show the day ends in tragedy for Kirsty back at the house.

Tyrone and Kirsty have a blazing row about the day’s events and his affair with Fiz and when Kirsty goes to hit Tyrone she loses her balance resulting in her crashing down the stairs!

But the drama doesn’t end there – and in the coming weeks Tyrone finds the tables turned on him as Kirsty devises a callous plan to use her accident to her advantage and accuses him of months of systematic domestic abuse!
The wedding episodes mark a turning point in a storyline which has kept viewers gripped for the past year.

Tyrone has suffered months of abuse at the hands of controlling fiancée Kirsty and has kept it a secret from everyone except for Tina and Tommy and finally Fiz who discovered the truth.

As Fiz helped him cope with the continuing domestic abuse the pair grew closer and eventually started an affair.

But now with everything out in the open it looks as though the drama is just beginning for Tyrone as he faces a court case for something he has not done!

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Janice said...

Wow, how shocking. A Corrie character wrongfully imprisoned? Never saw that coming. Never happened before.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Really need to stop these Will they/Won't they weddings. Can't they go into meltdown in some location other than the Registry Office?

njblas said...

Enough! How to ruin a gripping, well-acted storyline - by going for too many twists and turns, and flogging it till we lose interest and sympathy. Is Kirsty going to emulate The Freak in Prisoner? (She wasn't made to pay for her evil deeds till they axed the series:) Tyrone has suffered enough. Draw a line under it, finish this storyline and move on to new, creative plots - please!!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree withyou njblas: enough is enough can't the writers grow up and finish this storyline sooner - you are going to lose alot of brownie points for adding court cases. It's time for the show to have Tyrone taken to the police station and whilst being questioned Fizz comes to the station to talk and show the photo's of Tyrone after Kirsty has hit him (there should be date on the pictures)and between them they can ask Kirsty the hard questions and get Tyrone to tell them of the abuse he has been suffering from Kirsty. If a court case does come up - I think with the help of the defense showing the photo's of Tyrone's bashing bruises on his back and arms Kirsty will be seen as the monster she is. So then perhaps in the cold day light Kirsty being up in the witness stand the world will be shown her true nature... Liz

abbyk said...

And all of this would have worked fine, maybe even better, if they hadn't shoved in a (yet another) contrived instant romance. Now Ty is also in the wrong and looks weak, given the consequences. If he and Fiz had stayed just friends, then Kirsty would have not only been violent but wrong because she jumped to conclusions. And Fiz & Ty, who are not teenagers, and their girls could have come together naturally.

Waiter, may I have some writers over 50, please? Someone who's actually old enough to have had a full marriage and then gone through a divorce. Or death of a spouse. Or loss of a career. Someone who's related to their own adult offspring. I know they won't always get the young'uns and their newfangled ideas quite right, but people who have actually lived have this wonderful thing called insight. The younger writers can fill in the technobabble.

Anonymous said...

I love corrie all I care about is that fiz and tyrone get together properly as they are perfect for each other they can live happily ever after with there kids and kirsty can just rot in prison.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this episode gonna be eppic


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