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Thursday 31 January 2013

Coronation Street workout DVDs

No pain, no gain! So come on - two, three four - here's how to get fit the Coronation Street way.

Bev Callard, who played Corrie's Liz McDonald, released not one, but two workout DVDs in her life away from the Street as an aerobics instructor. Her first DVD promised real results in only 10 weeks while the second DVD took an extra fortnight and had a disappointing lack of lycra and perm.

The first and thankfully unrepeated official Corrie workout DVDs included a trio of young lovelies - Tina O'Brien (Sarah-Lou Platt), Nikki Sanderson (Candice Stowe) and Lucy Jo Hudson (Katy Harris).  And pout, two three four, shimmy, two three four, run off to Milan/with the Quo/Martin Platt, two, three, four.

Tracy Shaw (Maxine Peacock) got in on the action with two Salsacise DVDs. No Maxine, you really should have stayed at the party.

Maxine's mate Fiona Middleton danced her way through a workout DVD, dancing away two stone in two months. Poor lass, I hope they let her out to go to the loo.
Janice Battersby actress Vicky Entwistle took the weight off her gob with her DVD.  A good bra and a pair of Spanx would have worked just as well.

And then we had Kym Marsh-Ryder-Marsh-Lomax's Burn & Firm Workout. "I lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks and so can you!". No thanks, love.
Here we go, this is more like it.  How can you not love Debbie Rush when she's clearly exasperated at not being able to fit into Stan Ogden's window cleaning overalls? 

Ah, Vicky Binns, who played the dearly departed, adulterous Molly Dobbs. And we all know what happens to adulterous women on Coronation Street - they get killed off. Bye-bye Sunita. Never mind dancing it off! Run, Molly, run! Run away, and run far, far away from that Kevin.

But for this Corrie fan, it's Fat Brenda's Bikini Boot Camp DVD that's on my hit-list to get my body in shape for this summer.  The sound-track's Cliff, just Cliff, and the exercises are smokin hot!  There's a lot of chair-based exercise and optional walks to the chip shop, but only if you fancy it.

With Fat Brenda's Bikini Boot Camp DVD, here's the before and after pictures, so you can see for yourself what sort of results you'll get.  It's money well spent. I'm sure you'll agree.  Follow her on tweeter @fatbrenda

This is you BEFORE Fat Brenda's Bikini Boot Camp
This is you AFTER Fat Brenda's Bikini Boot Camp

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Billy Niblick said...

I know it shouldn't, but it bothers me that Fat Brenda isn't actually fat. I can handle that she looks almost exactly like Eddie Windass in drag, but not her lack of pudginess.

Maybe I should ask my therapist.

Rachel said...

Can't wait for Fred Elliot's Shout Your Way To A Beach-Ready Body, I Say, Shout Your Way To A Beach-Ready Body.

Dolly Tubb said...

Ha ha!- some of these are so scarily forgettable it's, well, scary! I'll just sit on t'sofa in t'parlour with me bottle of Mackeson and a bag of pork scratchings instead, watching FB's bikini bootcamp instead - looks a whole lot more fun :-)

Janice said...

So Kym Marsh lost twelve pounds through her exercise. But how many did she gain with those double-D implants? Seeing that pic of Angela Giffen reminded me there has been anyone as physically beautiful as she was on Corrie.

Defrost Indoors said...

Whose body is that really? Debbie Rush's "after" pic looks like her head awkwardly photoshopped onto another body.

Perverse Creature said...

I am waiting for the Kirsty Soames workout for losing pounds after a pregnancy. "And kick and slam, three four..' Caution: you will a (unwilling) partner for this workout.

yes, Polyyanna, I know this is a serious issue. I am mocking the soap rendition not the experience of actual men in that unfortunate situation.

Anonymous said...

My sister did the Bev Callard one regularly. She's still fat and out of condition though.


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