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Saturday 12 January 2013

The big fat Coronation Street quiz - with Corrie prize!

Here we go with The Big Fat Corrie Quiz.  Those of us lucky enough to be at the Coronation Street fan convention Corriefest last weekend took the quiz at the Lass O' Gowrie, Manchester.  In fact, our Coronation Street Blog quiz team The Bessie Street Dropouts made up of Flaming Nora, Sunny Jim, Fat Brenda, Dave Dutton, Nicky Beresford and John Beresford won it!

The Quiz was hosted By Giles D. Bastow from Big Fat Quizzes UK, (creators of bespoke Quiz Nights

Giles hosts The Big Fat Stupid Quiz (a fiendish general knowledge based quiz) every Thursday at The Lass O' Gowrie. You can also follow him on Twitter @Eatmymindquiz

So, here we go with Giles' quiz. See how you do and if you fancy entering it to win the prize of Coronation Street Monopoly (slightly used!) as won by our Coronation Street Blog team at Corriefest, send in your entries with the answers to all of the three rounds to with QUIZ in the subject line. Deadline is Sunday 20 January 2013. Overseas fans can enter. Good luck!

Round One
1. Arghhh!!! He was stabbed outside a nightclub in Weatherfield protecting a woman from some despicable 'yoofs' who was he? (Character name).
2. One of Weatherfield's largest employers is also the name of an English dance music'act'...what's the name?
3. True or False. In a 1979 episode of Coronation Street, viewers were stunned when Ivy Tilsley snorted cocaine on the morning of her son's wedding.
4. How long does Corrie last, without the adverts?
5. Here's an anagram of a famous coronation street actor, FART FEEDS, name them?
6. AUDIO CLIP 1. Who is this character talking about and who is talking? (We've altered the sound just to mess with your fragile minds...)
7. Which punk band wrote the song 'TV Stars' mentioning Coronation Sreet legend Albert Tatlock?
8. AUDIO CLIP 2. Who is after Des Barnes and why?
9. Another anagram, MEERKAT INTERNS... this time name the famous Weatherfield street?
10. True or False - Deidre Barlow had an affair with Alf Roberts

Round 2
1. AUDIO CLIP 3. Who are the 2 people discussing Inkerman Street?!
2. How did Don Brennan lose his leg? 
3. Who was the character Milton Fanshaw played by? 
4. True Or False. As an extra in Coronation Street your quiz host Giles was once thrown out of The Kabin for looking at 'mucky mags'!?
5. Why was Steve McDonald jailed for 2 years? 
6. AUDIO CLIP 4. Which 2 characters are talking? Note: all is not as it seems!
7. How Did Fred Elliot lose the prize for Weatherfield in the French/English meats competition? A. Tamper with a French man's sausages? B. Sleep with a female judge? C. Try to bribe the judges?
8. True or False Richard Hillman ran the hardware store Coronation Hardware?
9. Another anagram NOBODIES SNEER, name a Coronation Street hairdresser
10. AUDIO CLIP 5. And 1997 there were plans to release this adapataion of the Eric Spear classic as a single to coincide with the 'Viva Las Vegas' DVD spin off, it's vile...but can you tell us which 2 people wrote the lyrics and who sang the song?

Round 3 Picture Quiz - can you name all of these?

Good luck!

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