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Monday 28 January 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 28 January

So Nick is annoyed with his mother, Gail. He called round with the rota for Kylie and when Gail asked what it was Nick got a very good line in when he said it was The Elgin marbles. It seems Lewis's words about Gail  being too devoted to her family have been influential, as now she is devoting her time to learning Italian. Staying with Gail, Eileen must have been delighted at succeeding in scoring a point against her old rival when she asked Gail what the name of the bespectacled character in On the Buses was called. 'Olive,' declared Gail. Oh yes - Olive.

Mandy was harsh tonight on her daughter Jenna. 'I did kiss Sophie willingly,' Jenna confesses, only to hear her mother tell her that she's not gay. Jenna loses her job, a job she loves, but she was honest and went against her mother's advice. Disappointingly unsupportive, Mandy states that she would prefer it if her daughter was not a lesbian. At least Lloyd is sympathetic and also outraged when the decision is that Jenna must lose her job. Obviously, these things ca happen to anybody, even to the highly qualified. 'Nine GCSEs, four A levels and two degrees,' Mandy reminds her daughter, adding, 'All up in smoke!'

Tracey was presented with divorce papers and when Steve  turns up to see if she's signed, Deidre offers him a sandwich, while Tracy points out that Steve was skulking around like an alley cat when she was pregnant with their babies. Rob is definitely keen on Tracy and as she says, 'My people will ring your people.'

The evening was of course dominated by the Lewis and Gail saga. It seemed that Lewis might reveal the truth tonight but we're to be kept on tenterhooks a little longer. Poor Audrey - what a terrible blow for her. On discovery, when the family came to see why Gail was late for the planned drink, David said it was 'disgusting' and went on to say it was 'disgusting' three more times. A pretty good summation, thank you David. Of course nobody likes to think of their mother or father involved in sexual relations but David really did make it clear that it was not something he would like to witness when he said of Kylie, 'She's already got morning sickness, do you think she wants to see you two neckin' an' all?'  David again does not hold back from telling a few home truths when he tells his mother, 'You're a vulture mum,' and tells her that she's now with a pensioner's cast-off, a gigolo and her mother's ex. He asks, 'Can you set the bar any lower?'

Shortly afterwards, in the bistro, with Audrey quite understandably getting stuck into the gin, Lewis and Gail turn up to apologise. 'I can understand him because he was born to seduce, but I never thought he'd look at you in that way,' comments Audrey, which was a pretty good swipe at Gail.  

As Audrey returned to the salon where Maria was more than a little fed up having taken on Audrey's clients, the pain Audrey was feeling was deeply etched on her face. When the truth is finally revealed just how on earth will Audrey and Gail repair their relationship?      

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Mrs Barton said...

Still laughing at these episodes tonight- this is why I love Corrie.

Lines of the week will be a toughie this week!

'She's 3 dead husbands and counting' ha!

Janice said...

I suppose this means Jenna will soon be stitching knickers for Carla.

Anonymous said...

So enjoyed tonight's episodes. Back to the old corrie I loved. Hope this is a sign of things to come. And for some strange reason actually looking forward to Rob and Tracey getting together.!!! I'm going to miss Lewis though.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the rota is like the Elgin marbles. Nor the reference to Olive from On The Buses.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Did Frosty need his specs on or was that a little smirk from Audrey at the end of one of the scenes with Lewis. Is she in on a plan?

Llifon said...

I noticed that too Frosty! ;)

Humpty Dumpty said...

I thought it was more of a wry smile of 'what might have been' rather than a conspiratorial smirk. If Audrey is in on the plan, though, the way is open for Lewis to return.

Anonymous said...

It really does look like they've completely destroyed the Audrey and Lewis relationship, and I am so disappointed by that. It will be very difficult for them to be put back together, and they were, IMHO, one of the best couples.


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