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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Hayley Cropper's exit storyline revealed?

This is the front page of today's Daily Mirror with the headline: Corrie's Hayley 'cancer battle'.

Is this a reveal of Hayley's exit storyline? 

As blogged here on the Coronation Street Blog in an online poll, our results showed that more fans would want Hayley killed off than have her leave Roy.

Ooh, I don't want her to go.

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Anonymous said...

Considering she's only just announced her departure, and before any script meeting to discuss it, that's pretty impressive to come up with all that details.

Utter BILGE!

Carry On Blogging! said...

Hopefully it's rubbish!

Tvor said...

Maybe an educated guess? I doubt very much they know at this point what they're doing with the character.

Anonymous said...

If the writers kill Haley off I hope is dramatic, like being murdered, not wasting away! If she is murdered it would set up an interesting storyline.

abbyk said...

Anonymous, you are kidding, right? As if they need more OTT plot driven dramatic drivel. No thank you.

Yeah, this headline is garbage, but it's not a bad idea. It would be a tragic but wonderful character story for Roy, one DN could carry out beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Why do they have to do anything with the Hayley character?
Just because Julie Hesmondhalgh is leaving why does that mean that the character also has to be eliminated?
How many characters have had multiple actors/actresses play the part, we've had 3 Nick's - 2 or 3 Ryan's depending on how you count the switched at birth fiasco and how many Amy's and Tracy's have we had.
Just recast the part and carry on as if nothing had happened soaps on both sides of the ocean do it all the time so why should this be any different?

Anonymous said...

Roy and Hayley - the most devoted couple on the Street, no question.

Hayley leaving Roy for reasons of infidelity is ludicrous, so I truly hope they don't go that route.

Hayley leaving for some "mission" for family or in Africa, kinda leaves Roy nowhere - story-wise.

As much as I don't like the cancer story, I believe that David and Julie would be THE actors who could excel at portraying what a loving couple goes through. Mind you, that realllllly depends on the ability of the writers. This could be a truly poignant and touching story - through the diagnosis, the prognosis, the horrible chemo, etc., and the strength required by them to get through it. With the inevitable end ... that Hayley succumbs to the disease.

I lost my husband to liver cancer 5 years ago - the trail is long and hard, but is also filled with love and doing things that were fun and enjoyable. It is an emotional rollercoaster - he's doing fine, he's worse, he's better, the cancer spread, etc etc.

David and Julie's capabilities as actors could portray this story extraordinarily well. There aren't really any other actors on the Street who could do it, in my opinion.

~JB in Canada

ChiaGwen said...

Oh, I'm not liking that, if it is true. My hope is that she has to be away somewhere but could pop in every now and then.....surely the theatre would give Jule a couple of days here and there. I think there needs to be a campaign akin to the Free Diedre one...

Janice said...

If Hayley has to die I would like a transexual related death in keeping with the service she has done in changing opinions. For example, Hayley could be the victim of a hate crime. Trans women are seen as disposable and many are murdered. I don't know what long term effects the daily hormone pills have on their bodies, but that could be another issue to explore. Finally, some trans women die because of complication from their surgeries/ implants. Let her exit be memorable for being non-cliched.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope the writers do NOT send Haley off in such a 'done before' way. Her leaving Roy at the airport to persue her dream of missionary work would be fitting to a well loved character. How about a scene reminiscent of Casablanca or some such. Letting her die from cancer is just not worthy of Haley IMO.


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