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Sunday 20 January 2013

Corrie Weekly Awards: Jan. 14 - 18

Ironic fail: Norris might think the customer comes first but he's always rude to the Kabin punters.

Pride goeth before a fall award: Roy refuses to give an inch with Mary.
Nick was relieved when he thought Kylie had the termination.

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't award: Kylie is most definitely between two rocks.

Hoist with your own petard award: Rob didn't know that Carla was on to him and she's playing him at his own game.

Wolf in sheep's clothing award: Kirsty pretended to make peace with Fiz. She's setting her up for something, you just know it.

Judas Kiss: I can't believe Kirsty gave Fiz a supposed conciliatory peck on the cheek before leaving! Brilliant touch, ITV!

Hard Bargain award: Rob wants 45% of the factory. Carla doesn't really have a choice.

Phrase of doom alert:
Michelle's remark to Rob "Just because you kissed and made up doesn't mean I have to" foreshadowing a Michelle and Rob fling, mark my words.

Guilty conscience award: Tyrone wants what he wants but feels bad for dumping Kirsty in it anyway.

Inevitable award: After all the near misses when Ty didn't get caught with Fiz, that phone down the sofa cushion was his undoing.
Sally's ego was eagerly massaged by Rob and she spilled the beans about Carla's meeting.

Musical ambience award: Thumping of the bass echoing Kirsty's pounding heart when she found all the evidence of Tyrone's betrayal

Lines of the Week:
Hayley to Roy "No one ever choked to death swallowing his pride, you know."
Dev to Sunita "You deserve more. You always did"
Mary "camphor and cinnamon, a heady combination"
Karl "It was over before i moved in sweetheart"
Jason "The guy's a right scumbag." Sunita "You've been talking to Dev?" Jason "I've been talking to Karl"
Kylie "I'm not Tina. I'm not doing this to hurt you" (She didn't do it to hurt him either)
Carla "I've eaten bigger blokes than you for breakfast" Rob "Thought you were looking a bit tubby around the middle" (pestery little brother isn't he?)
Gail "Not that I'd tell anyone" David "My mother. The soul of discretion"
Sally "You never know what's round the corner"
Kirsty to Fiz "I'm the last person who deserves your sympathy"
Kirsty "I don't blame you for being skeptical" Fiz "Kirsty, you hate my guts!"
Rob "I got your message, I can't say I like your tone" (what would you expect, you twit)
Carla "I'd rather have you in the tent peeing out"
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Frosty the Snowman said...

Does he have a brain? award: Tyrone the lummox on that really annoying mobile phone which is like a hot potato of doom. It’s pretty damn obvious if you stuff it down the side of a sofa when you are about to have a party in the house it’s going to be discovered???? Drrrr. Frosty actually felt a bit sorry for Kirsty which shows his heart is not completely made of snow.

Job of the year award: From being stony broke from being unable to buy Max a pair of kids trainers, suddenly Kylie and David have paid off all their credit cards, have saved the required deposit and are able to embark on buying their own home. Nick must be paying some mega salary for a part time waitress - any vacancies?

No grey matter award: What is it with Sally and Gail, has the wine drinking over the years addled their brains? Gail being foolish putty in scheming Lewis’ hands and Sally quite incredibly blurting out to Rob in the pub exactly what her boss had specifically asked her NOT to mention not half an hour since???

Website of the year award: Now Frosty isn’t that up on IT but what website of what company can you log into and see the company diary and emails?

Awkward award: Helen Worth and Nigel Havers have absolutely zero on screen chemistry – the kissing scenes are embarrassing for us and obviously uncomfortable for both of them.

Do One Award: Why is feckless Karl still hanging around Weatherfield like a bad smell? No doubt the writers think women have so little respect for themselves that they will write this neer do well unbelievably back into St Ella’s bed before much longer.

vicky said...

I was actually so annoyed by the first episode on Friday that I totally missed the second, so I missed that Judas kiss entirely. I couldn't get over the stupidity of the idea that a) Tyrone couldn't just pick up the phone and say it was Kevin's or someone else's and b) anyone would have their entire affair and the reasoning behind it chronicled on their phone. Why didn't he just delete all the stupid messages from Fiz and get some print-outs of his injuries? I felt quite insulted really that we were expected to buy into that nonsense.

Humpty Dumpty said...

What a fantastic actress Natalie Gumede is. She gives Kirsty so many layers. Her sobbing when she discovered her worst fears had come true was very moving. As for the business with Tyrone's mobile, it's as though we're watching sitcom without the laughs: 'Oh, what shall I do with this mobile? I'll stick it down this sofa. What could possibly go wrong?' How to ruin a good story.

Anonymous said...

Hard Bargain award: Rob wants 45% of the factory. Carla doesn't really have a choice.
Why doesn't Carla have a choice?
Rob fiddled her books and hacked her computers all she has to do is turn him into the police and Rob knows that if he doesn't play ball brother or no brother that's exactly what she will do.
So I would think the one with no choice would be Rob.

Anonymous said...

Agreed about Rob. Sure, he's been messing about with Carla's clients but now she's on to him and has loads of other evidence to take to the police. Why does he think he's on such strong footing? Makes no sense.

ChiaGwen said...

What's with Carla, suddenly giving in to if he would be able to fill those orders he hi-jacked from her - where are his workers and machines? Ludicrous story. I detest Rob and more so once he is paired up with the even more detestable Tracy.


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