Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Meet the woman who's played 12 different Corrie roles

While it remains true that no one can beat Dave Dutton's claim to Coronation Street fame, as the man who's acted 11 different roles on the cobbles.  Read all about him here.

There is someone who's been on Coronation Street in more roles than Dave - and it's a woman, Ann Aris.  With thanks to Corriepedia for letting us know about Ann and for the information below.

Ann holds the current record for the most credited parts on Coronation Street with twelve roles to her name:
1. Kay Miller, friend of Sylvia Matthews in April 1976. 

2. Ratepayers Association secretary Mrs Mottershead in April 1978.

3. The Registrar at the wedding of Kevin Webster and Sally Seddon in October 1986.

4. The Usher at the trial of Alan Bradley in October 1989.

5. Newton & Ridley Secretary in September 1992.

6. Bettabuys senior manager Mrs Waters in July 1993.

7. The Assistant Registrar at the wedding of Curly Watts and Raquel Wolstenhulme in December 1995.

8. A Woman on a golf course who found Fred Elliott injured there in July 1997.

9. The Magistrate at the preliminary hearing of Deirdre Rachid on charges of fraud in January 1998.

10. Barrister Fiona Kingsman-Lloyd at the trial of Les Battersby for assault on Mick Hopwood (a trumped-up charge) in May 2003.

11. Judge Fortune at the at the preliminary hearing of Tracy Barlow for the murder of Charlie Stubbs in January 2007.

12. The Judge at the trial of Becky Granger for vandalism in November 2008.

13. Her most recent connection with Corrie was in The Road to Coronation Street in September 2010 in which she played the part of actress Nita Valerie who appeared in one of the 1960 dry runs as Ena Sharples.

So there you have it. Dave Dutton is the man who's played the highest number of Coronation Street male roles and Ann Aris is the woman who's played the highest number of Coronation Street female roles.

What we need now, of course, is for them both to return for another part - the one where they fall in love and get married, to each other.

Now that really would be a soap wedding to celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

I had to laugh, number 10 looks just like Judge Judy

Anonymous said...

Ahh, you're such a romantic, FN!

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