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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Tyrone in prison after Kirsty says he's beaten her up

Poor Tyrone. As if having to go through the sham wedding with Kirsty next week, he's going to end up in prison cell after Kirsty calls the cops and tells them Tyrone's the one that's been abusing her.

The official ITV Coronation Street site reveal the twist in the Kirsty and Tyrone story.  The final picture here from the wedding episodes (and whether they get wed or not is a closely guarded secret) shows Kirsty falling down the stairs at home. 

After the wedding, Tyrone and Kirsty have a blazing row about and his affair with Fiz and when Kirsty goes to hit Tyrone she loses her balance resulting in her crashing down the stairs!

She's rushed to th'ospickle but tells them that Trone pushed her and is an abusive partner.

Natelie Gumede, who plays Kirsty, says: "She is angry and desperate and she sees this as the only way she can get revenge on Tyrone and keep Ruby. She is an ex-policewoman - she knows what to do to use the system to her advantage and sound credible."

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Frosty the Snowman said...

If idiocy and doltishness were a crime Tyrone would be sentenced to 10 years. I cannot have sympathy for this gormless twit who lays himmself open to being caught out by Kirsty at every opportunity. Add to this mix, the ever stupid Fizz.

Anonymous said...

agree frosty but I'm just hoping that one of the clever cops who knows Kirsty will out her with her lies - lets hope they ask Fizz to come in for questioning and she shows the photo's that should have dates on them on her mobile phone and Kirsty will be asked the difficult questions... anyone can see that Tyrone is not a basher - he reminds me of a doormouse. Timid shy a bit noisy now and then but will do and say anything to keep the peace. Lets hope there will be a happier ending for Tyrone and Kirsty will be taken away and dealt with... Liz

Rachel said...

Interesting as they've been setting this up for a while - Eileen overhearing the rows and Deirdre thinking Tyrone had hit Kirsty back in the summer (I think).

I do feel slightly uncomfortable that this is the 2nd time female characters lied about domestic abuse (Tracey and Charlie).

Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't think I could cope with another Weatherfield 1 storyline and hope everything is revealed during the trial. I wonder if her parents will be brought back and something about Kirsty's past is mentioned. Hope this time, soap law is adhered to and Kirsty gets her just desserts. Have a feeling she will be killed off, leaving Tyrone with Ruby to pair up with Fiz and Hope.

Ginger Beer said...

I agree with Frosty - every word. Mind you, I LOVE Kirsty, even though she's a right meanie.

Mrs Barton said...

So Tyrone must be 2013's required recipient of the Dierdrie Barlow 'I didn't do anything' Award.
Did wonder who it would be this year. Seeing as though this story must be repeated yearly. Apparently.

As evil Simon would say BORED !!!!

Janice said...

Tyrone needs some lessons in throwing. If he had pushed her down the stairs much harder, he would not make us suffer through this hackneyed twist. And surely, that purple monstrosity Kirsty is wearing is enough to convince any jury she is mental.

Anonymous said...

Another character wrongly accused and spending the night in the nick. OMG..WTF is wrong with the writers for this soap? I suppose Kirsty will lie unconscious at the bottom of the stairs and then we'll see her hooked up to a respirator ... ZZZZZ

Anonymous said...

I think the Kirsty storyline is going on too long, I know this abuse happens, but this is a soap and we want some enjoyment watching the telly. For goodness sake kill her off and lets get back onto Lewis's lies.


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