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Tuesday 25 January 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, January 24 2011

This week the update’s coming to you from an uncomfortable place. And so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

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There’s a new fella at Underworld and as luck would have it, along with Carla Connor and Underworld undies, Frank Foster brings more alliteration to the cobbles. He also brings a firm jaw and well-turned suit to the Street.  But he’s only on-screen a second and he’s bad news. And you know any fella’s a rum ‘un when they say ‘Hello’ to your chest instead of your eyes and as Michelle’s got a very large chest area, there’s a lot of ground to cover. He’s got a wandering eye and a philandering mind, this Frank chap, just wait and see.
Carla sends Michelle on a business meeting with Frank, a meeting that takes to the pub with a bottle of red and Michelle’s not happy because it’s Ciaran’s last night of shore-leave before he hits the cruise liner as a chef where he’s lined up a new job. Anyway, to cut a long and very dull story short, Michelle left this week and went cruising with Ciaran. I do hope he comes back.

Over at the Windasses, it’s been all go this week. Firstly, a scene that had me in tears when Gary meets Quinny’s mam and dad and tells them how he died.  It was so sad a storyline, the Samaritans helpline was on at the end of the show. But there’s also good Windass news as Anna and Eddie find out that they’re getting a foster child, Faye. Eddie bakes a cake and ices it with a big, fat, F A and a Y and then squeezes in a little ‘e’ on the end with his icing bag when Anna tells him he’s spelled the name wrong.

In the Rovers, it’s singles night and Janice scores high with her low neckline. Her saggy cleavage is eye-candy to Gaz at the bar who invites her to Tenereefee with him the very next day. Janice has a drink, goes home to pack her things, has another drink or ten and gets sent home from th’airport for being too drunk to fly. One can only hope Gaz will have a good time on his own. I know I’ll be worried about him, won’t you?  While Janice is en-route to the th’airport in the back of a Streetcars cab, her flat is burgulated (I’ve made that word up) by a dodgy geezer mate of Chris, who you’ll remember is the ex-husband of Cheryl who used to lapdance. Chris hides the bag of Janice’s stolen goodies in the boot of the Streetcars cab and all the blame points to Lloyd, just as Chris wanted in the hope that Cheryl will split up with Lloyd and come running back to Chris. And if you're wondering what that picture is...

At Eileen’s, she’s upset as her roof needs fixing and she’s got no cash, so she goes and does summat daft. She pockets a cheque for ten grand from Carla Connor to Owen, makes it payable to herself and puts it in her bank. Owen finds out, of course, it’s soap so he has to. And even though Eileen swears she hasn’t touched the money (she hasn’t) and she’ll pay him back (she will), Owen says he’ll wreak revenge (he will).  He menaces her by the sofa then kisses her on the cheek as he leaves with a troubled mind: “Nighty night, petal.” He’s horrible, is Owen, but he’s good fun to watch.

And finally this week, John Stape started burbling about murders and deaths and has a breakdown on the kitchen floor right in front of Fiz’s fridge.

This week’s writers were Chris Fewtrell, Jim Cartwright, Simon Crowther, Jayne Hollinson and Julie Jones.

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Sea Penguin said...

Loving Owen's evilness just now. That's a nice pair of pants Ciaran's wearing. Wonder if Markies' stock 'em?

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to John Stape---I always cringe whenever he comes on screen

Frosty the Snowman said...

Lets hope we get a bit of a rest from John now, but I hope he makes a full recovery. Janis in that top was a sight to behold. Cant stand Chris at the moment or Cheryl but am liking Owen's nastiness and Eileen deserves it she stole from her employer, simple as. Greedy cow.


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