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Friday 14 January 2011

Such a Nice Man: Thu Jan 13, 2011 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Jim Cartwright, directed by John Anderson

Team Peter are finally settled back into the bookies flat, at Peter’s insistence.  Although, I have no idea how he’ll deal with those stairs but it shouldn’t be any different fromJan-13-2011-Peter-bookies when he was at No.1 since he’d have to go up the stairs to use the loo anyway.  Leanne reminds Peter that he needs his rest and to take it easy. 

At the bookies, Nick asks about Leanne and Peter’s trip to which Leanne answers coldly “yep.”  Leanne does not want to talk to Nick and gives him a rotten amount of attitude and zero recognition for his work at the bookie’s.  Leanne says her trip with Peter was perfect and leaves a disappointed Nick.  Upstairs, Peter struggles to get off the sofa and calls Nick for a favour.  Soon, Nick has Peter down on in the bookie’s shop feeling useful again.  This makes sense as it’s not as though his job requires much manual labour.  Leanne is upset when she seems him working and blames Nick.  Of course, Leanne spoils all Peter’s fun and Peter asks Nick to help him back January-12-2011-Peter-Leanne upstairs.  Upstairs, Peter has a fit and tells Leanne to get out of his life in a temper since he feels he might never get better.  Later, Nick apologizes for his part in Peter’s anger.  Leanne asks Nick to leave her alone for the billionth time.  Peter struggles to fix some food in the flat and he falls and Leanne comes to pick him up.  He apologizes to Leanne and begs her not to leave him.  Jan-13-2011-Claire-questioned

At the station, Claire is questioned by the officers after her confession of pushing Tracy Barlow so that she fell and cracked her head causing her to be in critical care.  Claire says that she never meant to cause much harm, just some harm for all the bullying Tracy gave her. 

Deirdre has gotten the news that Claire Peacock has confessed about Tracy.  Meaning that Becky is off the hook.  Deirdre is reeling from this revelation.  She then sees Claire in the pub and wonders what she’s doing walking around free.  Deirdre of all people should know Jan-13-2011-Tracy-hospital about a thing called “bail” by now.  Deirdre demands to know of Claire if it’s true.  All in the pub are shocked when Claire confirms that it is true.  Gail can’t help by make herself a wedge between Deirdre and Claire standing up for Claire, of course.  The entire pub is on Claire’s side and Deirdre calls it a lynch mob. 

At the hospital later, the detectives ask Tracy about her earlier accusation on Becky McDonald.  Tracy says she was disoriented and thatJan-13-2011-Deirdre-outraged she wants the book thrown at Tracy Peacock.  The detectives warn her that matters might be thwarted because of her unreliability as a witness.

Claire is getting a lot of support from basically everyone besides Deirdre about what she did to Tracy Barlow.  If only the police could see things the same way, eh?  Claire’s feeling guilty still.  I mean, she really did hit the crazy cow.  Tina announces that Steve has called to say they’ve let Becky go and will pursue no further action.  Claire is happy until David reminds her that they’ll be setting the bloodhounds after her next.  Becky, Steve and Graeme talk with Claire and convince her that she needs to do a runner before the police come for her.  Claire claims she can’t go on the run with two kids in tow.  Graeme says he knows a fellow who can get them fake Jan-13-2011-John-Fiz-Kiss passports by tomorrow and Steve says they could be in France by time the coppers even realize.  Claire is shocked and says she cannot do this. 

Fiz is still gushing over being able to hold Baby Hope the other day.  John is troubled – as usual.  Since he’s caused another death.  Fiz finds and bill from Freshco’s for Joy and gives him a kiss saying he’s such a nice man looking after that old lady.  Oh, he looked after that old lady alright.  Queue guilt.  John asks for time off of work at the bookies so that he can be up to no good, essentially.  John says it can’t wait until later by Nick doesn’t give him the time.  Perhaps he should just murder Nick too, since he’s standing in his way.  JohnJanuary-13-2011-Neighbour-bread doesn’t seem to care what Nick says and goes on his “errand” to Joy’s home.  Why can he just let sleeping dogs lie?  I’m sure her neighbour would have found her eventually.  These things, sadly, happen when older people live alone.  Speaking of the neighbour, he spots John outside Joy’s house and wants to know what he’s doing there.  The neighbour says that he’s dropped a book off at Joy’s for her.  John tells the neighbour he’s delivered a package and it’s in the car, he always checks first if the customer is there.  Now he’s also a delivery guy?  The many faux careers of John Stape.  The neighbour raps on Joy’s window trying to awaken her so that she can get her package and sees her and realizes she’s not moving.  He tells John that they must karate chop through Joy’s front door.  Yes, you just read that.  Even more surprisingly, he has done just that.  The door is open and John is beckoned in.  John has no choice but to follow. Too bad he left out the TWO soup bowls there from the day before.  Both men look at each other when they realize Joy has Jan-13-2011-Maria-Chris-Jason passed away.  The neighbour leaves to dial 999 and John clears away the second bowl and shoves the loaves of bread in his pocket and pours the soup into the other.  The neighbour notices John cleaning up and wonders what he’s doing.  John says that he figured that she’s be fussy about visitors in an untidy house.  John tries to get off but the neighbour wonders if he won’t wait around for emergency services.  John insists he’s got deliveries to make!  As he leaves, he steps on the book that the neighbour left for Joy.  The neighbour in outrage says he’s stepped on Joanne Trollop!

Lloyd tells Cheryl that he wants to take her and Russ on a trip but she first declines claiming he can’t spend his money on her.  He makes a good point when he says what else would he spend his money on lap-dancers and pints?  Chris and Maria overhear their conversation and Chris looks miffed and Maria notices.  When the guys are playing darts, Cheryl and Maria have a moment together.  Cheryl asks how Chris is doing with her and figures that it seems like he’s turning over a new leaf. 


- Deirdre about Claire, on Tracy: “She tried to kill her!”  David: “Pity she didn’t finish the job.” 

- Ha-ha, Peter (in his wheelchair) doing his best “Andy” from Little Britain sketch Lou & Andy.  Leanne: “Peter you should be upstairs resting.” Peter: “Yah, ah knowww”

- Chris being all gentlemanly by not telling Jason the deets of his date with Maria.  Although, there was nothing to tell.  Aren’t all wife beaters charming at first?  Sheesh. 

- I love how Gail is treating Claire like a local hero after she found out that she was responsible for Tracy’s bopping. 

- Joy’s neighbour attempting to karate-chop his way through Joy’s bolted front door!  And he does it!  Plus, John shoving the bread into one pocket and pouring the second bowl of soup into the other!!!! What a farce!  THEN, when he accidentally pulls a piece of bread from his pocket in front of the neighbour and pretends the delivery service has them eating on the go and chops on the stale piece in disgust while the neighbour looks at him like he’s a complete nutter.  Even more so, as when John leaves he steps on the novel by Joanna Trollop and the neighbour is horrified by this!  Ha-ha. 


- Poor struggling Peter.  He really does look worse for wear and completely stressed out about it.  It’s not easy losing ability. 

- That nasty Tracy Barlow!  I can’t wait to see the back of her. 

- Chris is a good looking guy, but he often has this really creepy look on his face when he sees Maria.  The look a lion sees when it stalks a gazelle as though it’s going to devour.  (see proof to the right ---->)

- Poor Leanne, she looks like she’s one “I’m in love with you'” from Nick away from a nervous breakdown. 

- I know this is the magic of soaps, but in what other world would you (Cheryl) be sat down having a drink with the woman (Maria) who’s dating your abusive ex-husband (Chris) while he plays darts with your current beau (Lloyd) and that woman’s ex-boyfriend (Jason)?  Just saying.


Annie said...

Jim Cartwright is back writing for Corrie? Woop!

Frosty the Snowman said...

For goodness sake will Nick UNFOLD his arms! He is supposed to be "the manager" in the bookes but stands around looking scruffy and stalking Leanne, this whole story is SO flaming tedious!

Dolly Tubb said...

Is it me or is the photo of Colin as a graduate on Joy's wall really a photo of John Stape with a moustache? There was a great shot of John with the photo in the background at one point and they looked very similar. Or am I just descending into the Flaming Pit of Unreality with the Stapewick saga?

Anonymous said...

It was two bowls of peaches, not soup!

Rachel said...

I love how Graeme Hawley just plays black farce absolutely straight.

maggie muggins said...

omg, I just loved the way Graeme Hawley played Stape bumbling his way through hiding the extra bowl and food at Joy's house! Not to mention his impromptu lies to the suspicious neighbor. Great stuff, even for this Stape hater.

And the chorus of punters at the Rovers cheering Claire for being guilty of knocking out Tracey! One of my fave Corrie moments of all time. Let's hope this is a sign of things to come for Tracey-Luv's ultimate comeuppance. She needs to be put in stocks and pelted with rotten fruit by the whole town for starters! :-)

gab said...

tracy is just ruining this show i was really moved by all the devastation the crash has caused

now its jsut turning into a panto-yes we're supposed to hate her but why has she become so bitter towards everyone even claire who iorignally stood up for her in court

evil cow doesnt even come into it

anddont talk to me about kate fords acting its awful-so glad to hear shes leaving again in a few months


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