Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Dennis Tanner marks the spot on Coronation Street

It's great news that Dennis Tanner's returning to Coronation Street. But as you can see on the above picture, he never really left.  I took this picture on our visit to the Corrie set in May last year.


indeg said...

Brilliant! Which house is that, Eileen's? That was the old Tanner house, right?

Greg said...

Yes it features in the episode where Elsie left in 1984. But the carving was also present in the previous outdoor set too

David the Wavid said...

Was it really there before Elsie's exit? I assumed it was carved especially for that and left there as a tribute.

Greg said...

no no Im sure its in some of the 70s episodes in the old set

Greg said...

1980 episode featuring the old set where the writing can be seen.

Took this screen shot from the 1980 DVD!


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