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Sunday 16 January 2011

Coronation Street weekly awards, January 10 - 14

The Fugitive

Off the hook award: Sneaky Star: I got the feeling the police were not going to press charges against Claire but I guess not, because they were pretty annoyed she'd got away.

Graphic Design award: Painted star: Bec(KEY)

Tit for Tat award: Gold Star: Kevin finally threw Ian Davenport back at Sally even if she did hold the party line on that.

Something in my eye Award: Gold Star: Fiz held her baby for the first time. *sniff*

Style award: I loved Maria's red dress and the colour really suited her!

She's got form for that too: Gold Star: Tracy *is* an unreliable witness. Get Gail to testify to that.

Lines of the week:
Joy: "You buried my son under a knicker factory!" John "It sounds worse than it is!" (does it?)
Fiz: "You're one of nature's innocents. That's your trouble!" (Did she really say that?)
Fiz to John: "Liar" (she was joking. Sort of)
Sally: "Kevin Webster's new family will make the Windasses look like Royalty!"
Peter: "It's not the first time I've come up them stairs legless!"
Deirdre: "It's like a lynch mob!" (well what did you expect? They're not going to wring their hands and all say Oh Tracy in unison!)
Chris: "Sorry Mrs. Renshaw....Sorry Mrs. Renshaw" (wait, can the identical Renshaw twins be married to brothers named Renshaw?)


Frosty the Snowman said...

How about:

Where did that vendetta pop up again award: I thought Chris and Lloyd buried the hatchet when he saved his life? I find Chris very scary looking and Cheryl very tiresome and I dont give a monkeys about their child care squabbles!

The garden pixie said...

The Too Easily Tempted Awards: Peter who acted as unofficial AA advisor to Carla suddenly just starts drinking again with Nick brings in a bottle of wine "by mistake".

Anonymous said...

It has been known to happen..twins marrying twins.
Also is Maria so daft? or needy? Although Tony was a murderer (lol only in a tv show would i say this) he cherished her. How could she go for this wife beater and think that she won't have the same trouble with him that cheryl did? Do the writers really want her to be 'stuck on stupid"? Or are they running out of things for her to do?

Tvor said...

The twins might only be married to brothers, not necessarily twins i suppose. I have relatives that are sisters that married an uncle and nephew who were close in age.

More importantly than when did the vendetta come up again is when did Lloyd and Chery get all romantic? Last i remembered, she insisted they go back to being just friends and i don't remember when it turned back into a romantic thing. That's what Chris is reacting to, jealousy and petulant because she wouldn't let him see the little boy when he asked at the last minute.

maggie muggins said...

Yea, when did it become Lleryl? Or is that Choyd? I was scratching my head too.

Maria gets the award for Most Viewers Ever Screaming at the TV Screen For Her To Run Fast From That Man And Don't Look Back.

Not sure I believe Peter would really have taken that drink so easily. He was portrayed as getting over a very big hurdle in his sobriety not so long ago. His current tribulations wouldn't necessarily tempt him so quickly, even with Nasty Nick's big push.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents lived during the 1960s and early-1970s in Normandy House, The Drive, Hove, and in the flat opposite theirs lived two (widowed?) sisters whose husbands had been brothers.


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