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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Peter Barlow - Coronation Street's top ciggie-flicker

If flicking fag-ends into the street was an Olympic sport, Coronation Street's Chris Gascoyne would win a gold medal.
His most recent effort was the best yet, arcing into the air in a spectacular shower of sparks. It was especially good as the camera angle (ooh - get me! camera angles!) was quite low, sort of close to wheelchair level.
However, my favourite one is still probably the effort from several months ago, where he was casually leaning against the wall of the bookies, smoking - then as he moves off, he flicks the end into the gutter.
I'm finding it a little difficult to take Peter seriously in that wheelchair by the way. No disrespect to anyone else who happens to use one in "real life". The crutches are also a problem for me - I keep wondering if they're the same set that Eddie Windass used to use. Here's hoping he'll be back on his feet before too long, walloping smarmy Nicky Tilsley round the chops.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, if Leanne doesn't want Peter ... I'LL take him!! Yum!

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Peters use of the crutches is spot on. I had a family member who used them as a result of severe arthritis and he moved exactly the same way and grimaced and winced in exactly the same every time he had to sit or stand. Peters got it down pat.

Laura said...

I usually don't like men that smoke however, Peter is the exception.
He's just such a hottie and it suits him somehow. ;p


Dolly Tubb said...

Sorry, smoking - YUK! It really spoils Peter, and I am always unhappy about the amount of smoking on Corrie. It's not cool, guys!!!

Nurse Florence Ganderpoke said...

To the powers that be, it would be nice to see him in another colour other than BLACK!

CanadianCorrieFan said...

I can't stand peter Barlow! The guy is a classless creep. On top of that, the actor who plays him is just "mailing it in". Shame to waste a great show with awful characters like the "little twerp". Ciaren is one classy guy for sure!


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