Monday, 31 January 2011

Two sham weddings on Corrie

We've already heard that Kylie Turner and David Platt are getting married. There's a story in the News of the World (no link because it's a paid subscription) this weekend that says not only are they getting married but Graeme will be too, but not to Tina!

Seems that Tina's old friend, Xin, needs to marry someone to be able to stay in the country. Tina talks Graeme into the honours, staging a breakup between them and allowing Xin to move into their flat.

Kylie and David's marraige has a lot more to do with Kylie wanting to get her hands on Audrey's salon and they are persuaded to let Graeme and Xin share their wedding day.

All this will lead to Graeme's departure as the lies and pressure of keeping the secrets will push them apart for real.


Apple Cobbler said...

Anything involving Kylie and committment is bound to be a sham! Looking forward to this story, should be interesting. Two Corrie characters I'd LOVE to see get married are Anna & Eddie...imagine his wedding suit...

Cobblestone said...

I'm puzzled by this, as we've heard rumours of Xin's family coming in to take over Prima Donner. Are the whole family going to be in Britian illegally?

Glad to gather, though, that Kylie's return does NOT mean more eternal wrangling & extortion over Max. Apparently she's going to be content to just let him stay with Becky & Steve, while she lives her own selfish little life. Great comedy with Kylie & Gail on the way, they're reporting.

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