Sunday, 23 January 2011

Coronation Street weekly awards, January 17 - 21

Performance of the week:  Mikey North as Gary

I wouldn't argue with him award: Ciaran is twice Nick's size and he's got a major problem with Nick encouraging Peter to drink.

Jealousy award: Gold Star: Lloyd needs to find a new attitude.
Silver Star: Chris needs to let go of the past

What on earth were they wearing? Gold Star (tie) Rosie and Janice.
Silver Star: Janice's ugly purple track suit!!!

Shoot yourself in the foot award: Gold Star: Eileen chucked one of her jobs in, having gone off in a temper and a fit of pride. And she'll end up with no paying lodgers either if she's not careful.
Silver Star: Janice was too drunk to be allowed on the plane!

Slimy Manipulative Lowlife award: Gold Star: Nick. Naturally. He doesn't even feel a shred of guilt!
Silver Star: Chris... he's setting up Lloyd.
Are you noticing a pattern?

Rival Singles nights: The Flying Horse was also advertising a singles night as well as the Rovers.

Shame on you award: Liquid Star: Simon saw Peter drinking. Will that shock him into sobriety? Will he keep to it?
Gold Star: Eileen stole Owen's money! at least she confessed to Sean and hadn't spent it yet.

Lines of the week:
Rosie "It was about six inches away from my head" Eileen "And about a foot away from your brain!"
Ciaran to Carla "I'm more than a pretty face you know!"
Eileen about Lloyd "Brains of a rocking horse!" (ha!)
Rosie: "You got him to do what you wanted and you're not even wearing anything low cut!" Eileen "At my age, that's more of a threat than a promise!"
Sally to Janice "I would have thought all your dates would be speed dates"
David "Old Spice, Impulse and a touch of Despair"


Frosty the Snowmasn said...

At least there was an announcement about "distressing scenes" before Thursday's Corrie, and how awful were they - Janice in that top, hubby is still recovering - LOL!

How about : Where is the building society award? Eileen would have had to had a survey its mandatory before any money is borrowed and wouldnt the roof have been picked up then?

The Why Am I here award: How and why does Maria put up with Chris staring at Cheryl intently whenever they are in the Rovers? Lose him dear.

Rachel said...

I liked Rosie's faux-fur coat 'n' hat combo. Thought she looked like a Soviet spy.

seapenguin said...

Loved Rosie's outfit as well! Mikey's brilliant isn't he. Give that David Platt a slap, for goodness sake.

Anonymous said...

Rosie's hat was brilliant! It looked liked something Rita had worn before.

Anonymous said...

yeah im sure rita has worn something like rosie's hat before, don't know what catogeory you would put it under but the rosie and jason mistaking the sunglasses as 3D ones should be on here! LOL

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