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Monday 17 January 2011

Au Revoir, Claire: Fri Jan 14, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Peter Whalley, directed by John Anderson

Dr. Carter comes to check up on Peter after his little fall the day before.  Peter is sick and tired of everyone fussing over him and his disability to the point of extremeJan-14-2011-peter-upset irritability, as anyone can imagine.  Dr. Carter gives Peter some stronger pain killers.  Peter figures that the doctors have no clue and that all they do is dole out drugs.  Ken shows up and asks if it wouldn’t be better if he came back to No.1 to stay with them but Peter declines.  He doesn’t want to feel like an invalid. 

Leanne and Carla have cross words in the street about Peter and Nick overhears.  He goes to question Carla about her involvement in Peter and Leanne’s relationship.  Looks like at least one of Gail’s sons can put two and two together and get four.  Nick barges into Jan-14-2011-nick-poirot Carla’s office and demands to know what’s going on with her and Leanne.  Carla is quite open with him and when Nick guesses that she and Peter had something going on Carla tells him that it’s not what he thinks.  But, she does say that she was the one who wanted something with Peter but that never happened.  Nick manages to put the pieces of last few months together.  He’s a regular Poirot. 

Nick goes to harass an irritated Leanne about Peter.  He tells Leanne that he spoke to Carla about Peter and she says she doesn’t want to talk about it.  Nick says he doesn’t believe that nothing happened between Carla and Peter and tries to make Leanne think the same.  Nick thinks that both her and Peter deserve the truth.  Nick wants more, so he goes by Peter’s flat when he’s alone for a “visit” with an unopened bottle of red wine.Jan-14-2011-Peter-wine   Temptation in a plastic bag.  Peter sees this bottle and coaxes Nick into getting TWO glasses out.  Nick tries to say no, but Peter manages to get him to come ‘round.  Nick takes advantage of a boozed Peter to ask him about Leanne and Carla.  While Peter savours his wine, Nick doesn’t manage much.  Leanne and Simon return and Peter hides his empty glass between the cushions and Nick places the bottle back in the shopping bag.  Leanne gets angry when she finds that Nick has brought wine over and has been drinking it in front of Peter.  She later meets with him and reams him out for it saying it can’t happen again.  Leanne tells Peter that even though he thinks Nick is a mate, she doesn’t trust him. 

It’s Claire’s 30th birthday and she’s basically in fear of being picked up and arrested by the police after pushing Tracy Barlow.  That even Jan-14-2011-Claire-Graeme-goodbye sounds silly.  Claire can’t think about having a birthday when her Ashley will never see on again.  Becky wants to know if Claire is going to do a runner to France or not.  Claire sticks to her morals and says she’s going to follow protocol for what she’s done.  Meanwhile, Graeme shows up with a camera to take some passport photos and Claire and the boys get them done at Becky’s orders.  Claire gets her fake passports from Graeme but still is hesitant about running away.  Graeme asks her what Ashley would want her to do and he thinks that Ashley’d want her to look after Josh and Freddie which she can’t do if she’s banged up.  The rumour of Claire doing a runner has passed through the pub like wildfire, or like usual.  Claire finally decides to do the runner.  Claire freaks out when she hears the cops are coming and they’re going to arrest her.  They hide Claire and the boys in the ginnell when the police come looking for her.

The police say they’ll be back at 9 and stake out in front of the Rovers waiting for Claire to flush out.  Becky and Steve prepare Claire for the run the coppers wait outside forJan-14-2010-Claire-crying her.  How will they get away with this?  Becky ponders why the coppers said they’d be back at 9 and they realize they need a better plan.  Before Claire flees, she thanks her friends in the Rovers and says how much she’ll miss them.  She says her goodbyes and Graeme is visibly upset.  Steve and Becky’s plan is the old fashioned bait and switch.  Steve comes ‘round the front with his cab and a disguised woman gets in.  When the police bust in front and open the door expecting Claire, they get Tina.  Meanwhile, Jason is ready to drive Claire and the kids to the airport out back.  How DID the coppers miss that one?  Claire panics that she feels like she’s leaving Ashley but Becky calms her down and off she goes.  Claire Peacock with boys in tow leaves our street for the last time.  What will happen to the butchers now?

Jan-14-2010-John-FML Fiz can tell that John is on edge after coming back from seeing Joy and wonders if he fell out with her.  John says “nothing” is the matter he’s just impatient about seeing Hope in hospital.  Chesney notices that John and Fiz are behind on bills so offers to help out, but is declined.  John is stressed out and goes for a walk.  Later, Chesney offers the money to John and says he won’t tell Fiz but John’s got enough secrets to keep he doesn’t need one more.  He tells Chesney to save his money for one day when he needs it, because one day in life something will happen that he won’t be expecting.  Yeah, one day he could just find himself a serial killer.  Oops, wasn’t expecting that! 

Later, Fiz reads in the paper that Joy Fishwick has died.  She shows John and thinks he might have been the last person to see her alive.  Fiz thinks that he should go to the police in case he gets implicated.  Heaven forbid!  John says she can’t since the police might get curious and find out about himJan-14-2011-chris-phone pretending to be Colin.  Yeah, that and the fact that he basically murdered her. 

Chris comes into the salon to ask Maria out for a nice meal and she accepts.  Audrey’s got her nose pinched as usual, and Maria questions why.  Audrey points out the obvious: why did Chris’ wife leave him?  Oh yeah, cause he’s a wife-beater.  Audrey tells her to be careful, but Maria wonders how on earth she’ll be able to do that.  Erm, how about NOT dating accused wife beaters?  Later, Chris spies Cheryl and Lloyd going into the Rovers and persuades Maria to go there for a drink before going to dinner.  He of course tries to see Russ, but Russ has plans.  Chris doesn’t take this lightly an Lloyd doesn’t accept it lightly.  Meanwhile, Chris is setting up a bit of “bad business” let’s just call it.  No prizes for guessing who he’s trying to put one over on.   Later at his fancy dinner with Maria, Chris pops out his mobile on the table and complains about his custody situation.  He’s such a lovely date. 


- Chesney offering to help out Fiz and John in their cash crisis

- Chesney to John: “It’ll be our secret.”  John: “Well, I got enough of them already.”  Indeed.

- Chris to guy on the phone: “Of course it’s dodgy, that’s why I rang you.” 

- Graeme: “Claire, you’ve been like a mother to me.”  *nudge* “I mean, sister.  Sister to me.”

- Fiz to John: “You’re one of nature’s innocents.  That’s your trouble.”  Bahahahaha.  Okay, I’m done.  Fiz is two ants short of a picnic.  

- Bye Claire. 


- Peter’s turmoil with his disability post-tram crash

- The Stape’s cash crisis

- How stupid is Maria?  She has the WORST taste in men.  She’s actually defending a wife-beater.  Will she do anything to get a man again?

- I can’t believe that Claire is actually doing a runner!!!  My word.

- That treacherous Nick pouring wine down Peter’s throat just so he can get a lil bit of info!

- How did Simon or Leanne not smell the wine on Peter’s lips?

- Was anyone else wondering how long Peter was sitting on that empty wine glass?  Leanne is bound to find it sooner or later, no? 


Tvor said...

I wonder why Fiz and John are having money troubles... would she not be paid some sort of benefits for a maternity leave?

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

I'm sorry but I have to get it off my chest...... I cannot stand the character or the actor playing Nick.

I find nothing whatsoever redeeming about him, in fact, I have to fast forward the scenes he's in as the site of him makes me want to put my fist through the telly, and believe me, I'm not normally a violent person.

Will someone please stitch him up for something and send him off to the clink with Trashy barlow, pleeeease!!

maggie muggins said...

"I wonder why Fiz and John are having money troubles... would she not be paid some sort of benefits for a maternity leave?"

Maybe not under the Tory cutbacks.

As for Nick, I'm starting to wonder if Adam Rickitt is as healthy as he could be. He looks so pale and his face seems more lined than when he first "came back" almost a year ago. That gray-blue V-neck jumper doesn't do him any favours. Seeing him next to robust, dark-haired Ciaran last night - it looked like he could be blown over by a light breeze. As for the character - just go away.

The Garden Pixie said...

Agree about the Stape money probs, Fizz would be getting maternity benefits and she has a job to go back to, Stape is employed at the bookies when he isnt dashing off on some Keystone cops farce, Chesney is bringing money in and isnt it a Council rented house? Obviously the build up for something. I too am soooo sick of Nick the arm folder, i wish Keran had lamped him one yesterday instead he ended up apologising - dah! Has Eileen has her house decorated inside? It looked different and nice!!!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yoorke I think there is more to get a little bit of info where Nick is concerned. How vile is this man, and how absolutely dense is Peter who is normally quite street wise being? Nick is after his wife and probably his business if the way he treated Carla is anything to go by.

Apple Cobbler said...


Huge spoilers for 2011 under the anniversary section- some of the storylines sound a little far-fetched but it should be a great year.

The Cobbler

Tvor said...

I always take these kinds of spoiler with a huge grain of salt since anyone can update Wikipedia.

And yeah, if it was Adam Rickett he'd definitely been looking pretty rough but since the actor is Ben Price, he looks a bit thin yes, but i think he commutes from somewhere else and he's had a heavy storyline lately, lots of scenes. Probably tired.

Beth said...

The Nick/ Leanne story is just getting beyond now. How long are we supposed to as viewers go through this? How many times can Leanne say "I mean it Nick". Enough. No way would Carla have told Nick her side of things, she hates him and would have told him to get lost the minute he walked through the door.

I think Corrie is pretty poor right now, though I for one did like the Claire running away story. I know there were lots of holes in it but it was really nice to see the group pull together to make sure she was ok. That's the thing that works in Corrie, when community spirit comes through. Just also amongst all the drama of the crash made that story all the more special.

Producers and the powers that be, please stop draging stories on and on and on - there is only so much we can take before we switch off (I'm already fast forwarding during the Nick/ Leanne rubbish)!

.... and Maria, get a grip on yourself woman, he's a woman beater and you know it. You only have yourself to blame AGAIN!!! YAWN

Rachel said...

I think that spoiler on Wikipedia is someone's wishful thinking!

The Claire exit was OTT but good to have a dramatic exit for her. Her character was often annoying, but I think the actress played her well and deserved a good storyline rather than just going off to live with her mum.

Apple Cobbler said...

I agree, it probably is a fake! Just posted a link cos it was what I'd read.

Apple Cobbler said...

Update: someone's removed the rumour about Tina & Carla from Wiki.

maggie muggins said...

LOL, I said Adam Rickitt instead of Ben Price as Nick. My brain must be freezing from the cold Winter weather. Yes, a long commute would make it hard to get enough rest. He did appear a lot healthier a while back, even his haircut seemed to suit him more (as we're seeing in Canada now).

Anonymous said...

How come in the entire history of the world, Greame has not been awarded injury compo for being run down?? Paid for out of Pratt Platts insurance...???? He could have bought out the butchers with the brass and made some GREAT storylines.....what a waste of an opportunity.....DUH!!


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