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Tuesday 18 January 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, January 17 2011

Greetings and welcome to another week’s worth of waffle from Weatherfield. Without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.  To find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates and why they've been written for th'internet since 1995 at

Right then, let’s go.  This was the week that Claire and the boys Peacock left Weatherfield for France. But have they left forever? Claire did a runner to the country of frites et fromage to escape going to jail for beating up bitchy Barlow. With Becky in charge, an escape committee is formed and with her kids under her wing, high on a hill there’s a lonely barmaid as Claire and the boys have to hide from the Nazis in the back ginnel as the cops storm the Rovers and torches are shone looking for the family von Peacock who are sheltering out back by the bins.  It was all very Sound of Music in a cut-price way.  And so she’s gone, with false passports and her sons but I reckon she’ll be forced to return quicker than she can strum up a song on her guitar with lyrics to rhyme with ‘extradition treaty.’. So long, farewell, Ladyohdeladyohdelady-ooh.

In the flat across the road, Peter moves back in as he’s had enough of living with Deirdre and Ken.  Nick does his nastiest, and succeeds, in getting Peter drinking again.  He’s doing it in the guise of caring for Peter, but Nick is one wet-nurse that Peter could well do without.  As the pair go drinking in the Flying Horse, Ciaran catches them at it as he’s there for a chef job interview and he pushes protesting Peter out of the pub in his wheelchair.  He has a go at Peter when he gets him back home but you know his words about staying sober will fall on deaf ears. Ciaran then goes to see Nick to give him a piece of his mind and, I was hoping, a really hard clip round the chops but sadly that didn’t happen, not this week anyroad.

Meanwhile, John Stape claims victim number three. Word of warning, Corrie folks. If you see John Stape heading your way,  run, just run. It’s Colin Fishwick’s mum Joy who keels over dead this time after John shocks her with the news that her son’s really dead.  Nosy neighbour Clifford from next door wants to know what’s going on and in another mad farce, John gets off scot-free, pretends he was delivering a parcel and says he knows nowt about the late Mrs F.

In the Rovers, there’s dodgy business afoot when Maria dates Chris, a nasty piece of work. Maria’s antennae for a nasty piece of work is spot on again, she’s picked another right bad ‘un and it looks as if we’re in for weeks of Maria trying to emote.  And for this fan trying to care.  Anyway, Chris is the ex-husband of Cheryl who’s stepping out with Lloyd and Chris isn’t best pleased. So he calls in a dodgy geezer to do something nasty to Lloyd only we don’t yet know what it is.  Tune in next week for more.

And finally this week, Eileen’s got a slate loose. No, she really has. In fact she’s got more than one and one of them almost falls on Rosie Webster’s coiffed do as she leaves Eileen’s home. The roof’s in a right state and after a quote from Owen, there’s bad news as Eileen can’t afford to have it repaired.  She tells her merry band of lodgers – currently Sean, Jason and Rosie – that their rent’s going up and then takes her miserable face to the pub for a drink.  With Rosie living in the Grimshaw house now, the queue for the bathroom can get rather long as she’s in there doing her beauty routine: “It’s cleanse, tone, vomit,” says Sean.

And that's just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Jim Cartwright, Peter Whalley, Mark Burt and John Kerr. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team.

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Anonymous said...

Get Nick Tilsley off the street and over to Canada once and for all.

I can't bear to watch such awful emotionless acting any more.

Please producers, do something. It's not fair to the great programme.

He can't do serious or evil acting - just thoroughly unconvincing.

John in Cincinnati said...

Claire and the boys left with false passports...I doubt very highly that the thing said 'Claire Peacock' in it..fake passport, fake name.

Blackie Bird said...

About time Rawsie Webster coughed up for her keep at Eileens, what is it with her and Sian that they have this sense of entitlement? So slappable the pair of em.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Blackie Bird!!! A couple of real ingrates.

And hey ... Eileen, get what you can outta that scumbag, Owen. What a creep. I'd put a call in to John Stape and have him "taken care of".

And how thickheaded is Maria?? She's chatty with Cheryl - just ask her why she's not with Chris. Gawd.

~JB in Canada

Cobblestone said...

Anyone else struck by the fact that after her near-death experience ("or even worse, scarred for life") Rosie proceeded to conduct not one but two conversations with Jason & Eileen, standing in the very same spot as more slates teetered on the guttering above them. Thick or what? I mean, MOVE, you silly cow!

Cobblestone said...

Oh, and @ Anonymous - I can't agree that Nick displays emotionless acting; if anything, Ben Price over-emotes - which is probably worse than playing a scene deadpan. Less is more (Kate Ford, take note!)

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous, I really wish Maria and Cheryl would chat about Chris. I do feel a bit sorry for Maria though, because Lloyd and Cheryl seem ok that she's with Chris now, as it gets him off their backs. Even Cheryl has softened to him, I think she said something to the affect that 'he's changed'. Yeah, right! No wonder Maria's been sucked in by it all.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at Lloyd. He's usually a nice guy. Why doesn't he tell Maria about Chris' abuse??


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