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Monday 10 January 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, January 10 2011

Greetings and welcome to another week’s worth of waffle from Weatherfield. Without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update. 

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The cops are all over the cobbles this week questioning the good folk of Weatherfield about Tracy Barlow’s attack.  “Did you do it?” Steve asks Becky. “Did you?” she replies.  Over at the Platt's, Gail and David have much the same conversation. “I thought she’d done it,” David tells Audrey about Gail. Then Gail nods to her mum, “And I thought he’d done it.” 

But who has done it?

Even Norris and Mary, the peripatetic newsagents, are questioned.  And the copper’s got an eye for a face when he recognises Mary from somewhere in his past.  Mary pulls her hat down over her eyes to stop the cop from remembering where he’s seen her before, but it’s too late. “I remember you!” he says to which Mary retorts: “It was a very long time ago and I haven’t touched a chainshaw since!”. 

So who did attack Tracy? My money’s always been on Claire Peacock but when Tracy regains consciousness in th’ospickle she pins the blame on Becky who gets banged up in the cop shop. Then Claire confesses all the cops and worries that her kids will be taken into care.

Over at the Webster's, there’s fists flying when Daddy Bear Kevin finds out Tyrone’s been sleeping in his house. But did he eat the porridge? Kev’s jealous and turns nasty when he thinks Sally and Tyrone have been consoling each other just a little too much. And although they haven’t, you know, done the deed, Sally lets Kevin think they have so he gets himself worked up into a rage, enough to want to hurt Sally and the girls the only way he has left to him now.

Kevin gets in an estate agent to value the house before he puts it up for sale, freezes Sally and Kev’s joint bank accounts and files for divorce.  When Sally reveals that she never slept with Tyrone, Kev takes this as a sign that Sally wants him back and he offers to move back in with his family, bringing Molly’s baby too, but that’s not what Sally wants and so it looks like divorce number two coming up for the Websters.

Elsewhere, Owen takes Gary on as a labourer but when Gary accidentally ends up locked in the back of the van, he has a panic attack.  He bangs on the inside of the van long enough for someone to hear him and let him out.  And unfortunately for Owen, that person is him. Gary goes for him with a piece of four by two and tries to attack him, convinced that he’d locked him in the van on purpose. Izzy’s upset when Owen tells her what’s happened but she then consoles Gary who reveals that his panic was brought on by the smell of the van bringing his ordeal in Afghanistan right back to him.

Meanwhile, for some bizarre reason out of a misplaced sense of guilt, John helps Colin Fishwick’s mum Joy with her shopping and spends time with her at home. He lies, again, to Joy and tells her that he’s got Colin’s mobile phone number so Joy calls and leaves a message but it’s John’s own phone number he’s given her. She doesn’t yet know that her son Colin is dead, that he died in a fight with John over Charlotte and his body is buried under the knicker factory and that John murdered Charlotte. At least she doesn’t know until John tells her and she has a heart attack and dies. He leaves her, dead in her chair, and rushes to th’ospickle where he and Fiz get to hold baby Hope for the first time.

At the Barlow’s, Leanne and Peter return from their romantic break and it’s clear by the way they’re bitching at each other, that it didn’t quite have the desired effect. Janice asks Leanne if she’s regretting marrying Peter and Leanne gives her an unconvincing ‘no’.

And finally this week, Lloyd chauffers Chris and Maria to the red rec and back as part of the raffle prize Chris won in the Rovers on New Years Eve.  I’m only putting this bit in, dull as it was, as it gives me cause to mention the wonderful Renshaw twins who were in Audrey’s salon when Chris picked up Maria, having their hair done at the same time, and very possibly, in the same style.

And that's just about that for this week.

This week's writers were David Lane, Joe Turner and Simon Crowther.  Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team.

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Tvor said...

Yay for the Renshaw Twins!

Billy Niblick said...

Line of the year so far from Joy Fishwick:

"You buried my son under a knicker factory !"

Sea Penguin said...

I thought tonight's episodes were really funny - some great lines, e.g. Sally calling Kevin "Neil Armstrong", Ken leaving socks on in bed etc.:))

Frosty the Snowman said...

Loved Kevin and Sally and their "war of the roses" tonight, Sally chucking the for sale sign in the road - LOL! See the fine actress Sian had her usual line "Aw Sally". I have to admit I laughed at the black comedy silliness of John and Joy, but is this the end of the killing spree for a bit now - please!!!!

Dilly Daydream said...

I'm glad old mother Fishwick has carked it at last, she was getting on my nerves. And since the camera focused on the two bowls, no doubt John's involvement will come to light.

Loved the bit at the police station with Becky seeing some of her old "mates".

Anonymous said...

"I'll shove it so far up your arse your head'll be for sale!"

Probably not an exact quote.


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