Friday, 21 July 2017

Meet and Greet with Ryan Thomas next weekend

Since leaving Coronation Street as Jason Grimshaw, Ryan Thomas has appeared in pantomine. 

He's already signed up for pantomine this year too.  Find out where!

When he left Coronation Street, Ryan Thomas told Inside Soap magazine that leaving the show has been the toughest decision he's had to make because it's been his life since he was 16 years old. It's all he knows, he said, and he wanted to experience more. Ryan was so impressed with Terence Maynard (the actor who played his father Tony) that it inspired him to leave the security of a long-term soap role and find out what the rest of the acting world has to offer. 

Well, he's appearing at a nightclub with his brother Scott in a meet and greet.  If that's the sort of thing you like, then you'll like that sort of thing. It's Chic Nightclub in Birmingham and the Thomas brothers will be appearing on Friday 28 July.

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Suranne Jones to star in new Sally Wainwright drama

Suranne Jones, who played Coronation Street's Karen McDonald, is one of TV's success stories. Since leaving Coronation Street she's gone to star in Doctor Foster and will soon be starring in the next Sally Wainwright drama set in Calderdale.

Sally Wainwright used to write for Coronation Street too.

In the new show, Surranne will play Anne Lister, a 19th century Halifax woman who embarked on a determined and passionate courtship with another woman.

Suranne Jones said: “I first worked with Sally 10 years ago and I remember the feeling of reading her scripts like it was yesterday. They were scripts for women; fresh, daring and bizarre in a wonderful, modern, fun, complex and challenging way. Now I once again get to speak the words of an almighty talent on a show I know she holds close to her heart.

"To have Sally direct me on this feels like I'll finally get to work on a project with her where the connection will be immediate, exciting and new each day, and we can enjoy that amazing ride together! I'm thrilled to be back at the BBC with this role and to be joining the Lookout Point and HBO family.”

Sally Wainwright, who also created Calderdale-based and filmed Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax, said: “I am delighted to be working with Suranne once again, not just as a writer this time, but as a director. Bringing Anne Lister to life with all her complexity, passion, brilliance and wit is an epic challenge that will require all the boldness, subtlety, energy and humour that I know only Suranne will bring to it.”

The series will start filming next year. It’s a Lookout Point production for the BBC and co-produced with HBO.

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7 of Coronation Street's most famous lines

News in today is that the tabloids are reporting that Coronation Street may be going to use one of EastEnders' most famous lines.

You can read more on that here.

But what about Coronation Street's most famous lines, what could they be?

Here's my top 5 favourites. Please feel free to add yours into the mix.

1. Flaming Nora!
Jack Duckworth, of course.

2. Did he 'eck as like!
Vera Duckworth.

3. Scotch and a Threat, I say... 
Fred Elliot, asking for his favourite drink in the Rovers Return

4. Oh, Ken!
The much-missed Deirdre Barlow

5. You rotten, cowing tart!
Tracy Barlow to Deirdre

6. Woman, Stanley. Woman!
Hilda, of course, to Stan.

7. You're Norman Bates with a Briefcase!
Gail to Richard Hillman

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Spot the Corrie prop - July 21st 2017

Congratulations this week go to Corriegated Cardboard who was the only person to spot that last week's lovey-dovey mugs can be found in Johnny's flat. Well done.

For this week's prop poser all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on Coronation Street you would find this jazzy jar.

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Confessions of a Coronation Street Tour Guide (2 of 5)

It's day 2 of Aussie Pete's Confessions of a Coronation Street Tour Guide.

Did you miss Day 1? It's here!

What were the best things about the job?

The great moments at the tour include watching someone get down on bended knee and propose, usually on the street in front of The Rovers or sometimes in the Rovers mid-tour. Somewhat morbid, but the amount of people who lay down at the bottom of the Builder’s Yard pretending to be Tina going splat was hilarious! I took literally hundreds of photos of people laying there, even in the rain! The irony is that Tina fell on the set at Salford Quays, not our set!

It was always a wonderful sight for us guides actually watching the guests’ reactions when they saw various points, things like how small the dressing rooms were, some cast had to share! The video montage had iconic moments, sad moments and comedic moments. The sad moments quite often would bring some fans to tears, sometimes even the guides!

Seeing the first set always got them excited. It gave them perspective on how small they really were and how some things weren’t as real as you’d think! e.g. no floorboards, they’re just painted onto the floor!

Cracking cheesy jokes at the top of the Platt’s staircase always got a laugh. The moment you walk into The Rovers really shocked many. In real life, it’s very small and cramped and is made much bigger with filming techniques. Guests would look so proud holding onto the pumps when posing for their picture behind the bar.

Personally, I always got a kick out of the Underworld set. I found a hidden door where as I led the guests in, I would disappear and then reappear from between a few knickers rails scaring the guests as if I just walked through a wall! I would encourage the guests to stand closer to the office door so when the ‘Ghost of Mike Baldwin’ made an appearance, they would feel the full-force of his booming voice. I actually had a guest jump 2 feet in the air and grab onto another guest in fear!
Many would ask us what the barge was about next to the props. For those who do not remember, Ken Barlow had an affair with actress Martha Fraser in 2009 and she lived on a canal boat. One of our guides always grabbed an onion from off the barge, pointed at it and said ‘Onion Bargey?’

The Duckworths/Dobbs household was another time on the tour that garnered a big emotional response from the guests. Anger at the way copper Kirsty treated Tyrone and the moment when Jack died in his armchair and ‘Our Vera’ briefly returned in spirit form.

The Kabin always gave us guests asking for freebies from the sweets. They are real, sadly I never got to try any, though a few guests did sneak onto the set and steal some on more than one occasion.
We did have golden rule about no photos on the tour, not for legal reason, though we did say this repeatedly and told people off. The reason was if we let everyone take photos, the tour times would triple and we’d never get finished!

The final part of the core section of the tour was always an experience. Watching their faces as they walked through the doors onto ‘The Street’ was breathtaking. I can remember vividly and woman with special needs who walked out with her hands over her mouth and tears started pouring from her eyes. “I can’t believe this. I’ve watched the show for 40 years and it’s like I’m walking through my dreams! I can’t believe I’m really here!” This brought tears to my eyes!

And what were the worst things?
Although the tours were fun, there were sometimes some sadder moments. People getting ill on tour, especially during Summer, more than one heart attack, thankfully no deaths or waters breaking!

The more horrible moment I had was someone who yelled at me that as an Australian, I had no right doing the tours and it should only be UK people doing them, even going as far as to say only Northerners should be doing the tours. It really hurt. I had trouble doing tours for the next few days it was that upsetting.

Did being a tour guide change the way you viewed Corrie as a fan?
I thought it might have, but in all honesty, it didn’t. In fact, I think it gave me a better perspective of the show. Knowing how they filmed in certain ways, and looking for differences between our set and the newer set they film on now. I looked for things that looked larger, the extra window above The Rovers sign, the extension under the viaduct in Rosamund St that leads to Mawdsley St. On out set that’s just a matte backdrop.

Did you meet anyone famous on the tour, any cast members for instance?
My favourite cast member I met was Charlie Lawson, aka Jim ‘so it is’ McDonald. You honestly could not meet a nicer guy. He was warm and friendly and we had a great chat at one point about fine wines!

Many of the cast visited the tours. One of the Green Room walls had all of their signatures on it when they visited. There were three guests however, who didn’t sign the wall… and that’s because they didn’t have hands to sign with! Eccles and the late Schmeichel and Ozzy visited us. They are beautiful dogs and their handlers really look after them well. I even went in on my day off to meet them and for a cuddle with Eccles!

We did have Loose Women film an episode at the tour, they took off the front of The Rover’s set and filmed inside. A handful of the staff were able to be in the audience. In between filming they had a warmup guy interact with the audience, which included getting some of us up off of our chairs and dancing with each other. They dragged me to the front and had me dance in front of the panel. They couldn’t believe I was wearing shorts on the day, as it was sunny but cold! I don’t really feel the cold! Jamelia commented I was a great dancer.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 3 when Aussie Pete reveals some favourite moments behind the scenes.

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The most famous line in soap coming to Coronation Street?

It's one of the most famous lines in soap and it looks like it's going to be repeated on Coronation Street.

When Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders screamed "Get outta my pub!" it became one of those soap line that make history. I know it and I use it (even though I haven't got a pub, I never scream at anyone and I don't watch EastEnders.

Never heard of it? Watch it below.  And yes, this may be the first time in history of the blog that I've put an EastEnders clip on the site!

Why are we showcasing a line from a rival soap?

Because, according to the tabloids this week, the line is going to be used in Coronation Street when Peter Barlow tells Steve McDonald to sling his hook and leave the Rovers Return.

Now that is going to be worth watching. Let's just hope he doesn't say it in a Cockney accent.

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Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 21 July

CRAIG TAKES THE BIGGEST RISK OF HIS LIFE Sarah thanks Craig for giving Bethany the courage to seek professional help. When Craig admits he intends to quit the police force, Bethany’s horrified and urges him to reconsider, pointing out he’d be letting Nathan and Neil win. Craig approaches Neil and tells him he’s changed his mind about quitting the force but is going to request that he’s assigned a new mentor. Neil angrily bundles Craig into his car asserting that they need a little chat. Secretly activating the record function on his phone, Craig goads Neil, will he reveal all?
PHELAN IS SHOCKED BY NICOLA’S REQUEST. Nicola calls at No.11 and handing Eileen a DNA testing kit, tells her she needs to know the truth. Phelan arrives home and is taken aback when Eileen shows him the DNA kit.
EVA SCHEMES HER WAY INTO A NEW JOB Determined to put his plan into action, Adam tells Eva she needs to persuade Aidan to give her a job in the office.
ELSEWHERE Gail confides in Audrey that Nick has sold his flat and gone for good and as far as she’s concerned, Leanne’s to blame. Michelle signs for a recorded letter only to realise it’s for Leanne.
Luke apologises to Alya for trying to kiss her and blaming the drink, promises it won’t happen again. Alya hides her disappointment. Alya confides in Rana and Kate that she’s fallen for a guy but isn’t sure what to do.

THE END IS IN SIGHT FOR BETHANY At Craig’s insistence, Bethany phones the police to report Neil. DC Leigh calls at No.8. Awash with shame Bethany describes how Nathan cajoled her into having sex with Neil. DC Leigh assures her that Neil will feel the full force of the law. In the police station, DC Leigh tells Neil that the Chief Inspector wants to see him. Knowing the game is up, Neil shoots a look of hatred at Craig. DC Leigh calls at No.8 and assures Bethany and Sarah that she’s confident they now have enough evidence to bring charges.
EVA’S IN IT UP TO HER NECK When Aidan reveals that Eva will be moving into the office to learn the business side of things, Jenny and Alya are furious. Johnny tries to smooth things over. Izzy confronts Aidan demanding to know why Eva’s been promoted and accusing him of favouritism. When Aidan reveals that Eva’s pregnant and has been promoted on medical grounds, Izzy and Sean apologise for their bitchy remarks.
TOYAH’S EXCITED ABOUT HER NEW START As Toyah and Peter prepare the Rovers for Liz’s farewell party, Toyah confides in Leanne that she’s hopeful she may be pregnant. Toyah gives Eva a congratulatory hug, whilst Eva’s awash with guilt.
ELSEWHERE Phelan does the DNA test and hands the swab to Nicola. Nicola heads off promising she’ll be in touch as soon as she has the results. Michelle chucks the recorded letter addressed to Leanne in the bin. Alya steels herself to tell Luke she fancies him

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