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Why Paul will be a breath of fresh air to Corrie

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Gemma Winter arrived in Weatherfield as a rough diamond and she had to work hard to be accepted. As is usual on the street, Rita was the one who saw the good in this character and she has become the mother that Gemma never had. She tried to run the Rovers and failed but now has a 'sister' in Jenny and is part of a family. 

She has a best friend in Chesney and it's clear that they both want something more and things look really rosy for Gemma. But, now her twin brother Paul has rocked up - her very foundations might be ripped from beneath her feet. 

Paul, played by the brilliant Peter Ash is a breath of fresh air for so many reasons. He has instantly made an impact and you can see why. Many people recognise the actor from Footballer's Wives and theatre goers recognise from him War Horse and fringe productions. 

The actor is great at convincing you that Paul is a likable lad about town. And writing him as a close confidante of the local vicar (and far more, very soon) is very canny. This offers him protection and a second chance, but in the meantime he has many secrets about Gemma which he is going to use as a bargaining tool. 

Add to the equation that he is about to have a fling with Billy and suddenly we are in a world where stereotypes are being subverted and this is where great drama comes from. 

The only downside for me is that this leaves Sean on the shelf again. I would love him to meet someone, instead of hanging around Liz and Eileen listening to their tales of woe about their love lives. Give him one instead!

Peter Ash is a real grafter and I have seen him in many plays in Manchester and it is great to see him invited back to Corrie following his debut a while back in prison scenes with David. 

The writers are on a roll at the moment and I think the Paul/Gemma rivalry is going to be a strong story for fans to get their teeth into. Throw in a vicar who believes in helping people like Shona and getting them settled within the community and you have the recipe for some great scenes, drama and comedy over the coming months. 

Welcome to Weatherfield Peter and I hope you stick around for a while yet.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Josh came in as a likeable lad with a swagger that won the residents over. Then he showed his dark side as part of a harrowing storyline. For now, we don't know what's planned for Paul. He could be transformed by his relationship with Billy or he could end up blackmailing him. As always, it's whatever the writers want to do with the character. I like the idea of a believable brother and sister on the Street. We've got a bit of that with Peter and Tracy but very little with Kirk and Maria. As for Sean, they've tried giving him meaty stories recently but the character's well past his hey dey as the young man eager to be everyone's friend, hilariously camp one minute and pulling your heartstrings the next. Really, the best thing for Sean would be to have a solid relationship with a new character and for them to set up home in a place of their own.

Anonymous said...

The character needs to be drastically toned down imo. Found the entire theme of both Friday’s episodes that every single character was instantly attracted to him way too over the top.

There’s nothing remotely attractive about his personality so far, so it was a massive stretch of realism for everyone to be fighting over him.

It felt like everyone should have been wearing a sign round their neck saying “I fancy Paul” whilst Billy wore one that said “me? No I don’t fancy Paul” or do I? 😏

Lily Bigfield said...

I agree with anon above. I found Paul completely irritating, and certainly didn't see him as particularly attractive, and so was baffled by the OTT comments from all. I've not seen the actor in anything else, so on this recommendation, I hope he is able to develop the character into someone more likeable.

Anonymous said...

Disagree with you there Glenn. Breath of fresh air?, no just the usual bad lad type that there have been too many of on Corrie.

Paddy McGinty said...

I can't stand Gemma anyway, but to give her more screen time with this obnoxious brother is just too much.

Abercrombie said...

I totally agree with firstly Anonymous 22.27 and subsequent comments of further bloggers. I found Paul's manner disquieting, unreal and irritating. If the residents get so excited by the arrival of a swaggering newcomer whilst judging Johnny etc al, they really do have small lives. Glenn, Peter Ash may be a consummate actor but what scripts will he be given? Everything depends on storylines and it seems to be a fear of the ptb that a nice person is a dull person. Always secrets, lies, back stories, blackmail and in their midst an emotionally vulnerable vicar who is not in touch with reality any longer. When is he going to point out to his flock how judgemental they are, never acknowledging their behavioural errors?

joanne taylor said...

I really want to give him some caneston because he is such an irritating chav........ Come on Corrie, sort it out!

70sStreetFan said...

I liked him initially. He is a good actor who seems a natural fit for Corrie. So,I’m disappointed that they seem to once again be going down the route of turning him into someone with a menacing,dark side. It’s tired,tedious and cliched.

Chaise Pomme said...

Totally agree with the others who are not impressed with this new character who comes off over the top. I don't know who this actor is but the combination of his performance and the way way this character has been written is extremely irritating to watch. And it is once again tiresome to watch the vicar fall for someone totally inappropriate so quickly. Bleah --- another disaster.

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