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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 30th Jan 8.30pm

As promised, here is part two of this Wednesday's Corrie, all wrapped up in a handy blog review.
Seb reconciles with Sarah, as his mission to adopt the twins heads into court. Without adult representation, will the lad succeed in winning back the twins?.

Over on the street, Tracy informs Tyler's Mum that Amy has already had an abortion, that didn't put her off slurping her tea though. Tracy decides it might be best to move the family down south, in hope of avoiding all the conflict. In the context of the serial drama, I doubt that will happen. The parent's self-realisation of their messy re-marriage, looks to have more repercussions, than wedding fights and farcical honeymoons. As for the abortion lie, well, it's not long before Amy bumps into Tyler's Mum on the street, and the truth is revealed.

Roy continues to try reconciling Evelyn and Tyrone ahead of her holiday. A certain kinship seems to have formed between those two, I hope that's just the beginning of this friendship.

On the street, Paul riles his sister, Gemma, as her brothers Coronation Street charm fest continues. Lively ideas of a northern e-commerce website cause hilarity amongst Rita, Brian, and Cathy. Gemma's comrades seem far more interested in her brother, and it looks like this sibling rivalry is just getting started.

In court, Seb lies about his employment and paints a pretty picture of homely harmony, whilst Abi and Adam look less than convinced. Taking the stand, Abi, although heartfelt, can't help but admit that the kids are better off in foster care and admits the truth about the reality of the her son's   work/life imbalance.

Back on the street, Seb's angry storm continues, and Abi seeks solace on the good ship 'Lost Buoy'. Before you can say 'nautical euphemism' Abi makes sure the boat door is locked before Peter drops anchor! (sorry). Will this new romance, cause ripples or waves, for other residents of the street?.

Anyway, that's all for this Wednesday, I shall be back same time, next week.

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