Thursday, 24 January 2019

Elle Mulvaney interview: "Amy's baby story is scary"

Elle Mulvaney, who plays Amy Barlow, is doing a sterling job on the show right now. And I have to admit the storyline is really pulling me in. Seeing the dynamics between Amy and Tracy, I'm drawn to think about Deirdre and Blanche and what they would have made of it all too.  Really enjoying this one, thanks Coronation Street!

Elle has been interviewed by TV Times Magazine about the baby storyline and she says this:

"I was mostly excited, but it is a bit scary. Teenage pregnancy isn't uncommon, so I knew there was a responsibility to do it justice. At the same time, I've taken it as a good opportunity to show what I'm capable of as an actress. It's great to have that bit of recognition and to know that people believe in me.

"There was a scene where Amy's having a conversation with Steve and Tracy in the living room, and I had to go into the bathroom and cry. It's hard to change emotions so quickly. I wanted it to be realistic, but it's not always about sobbing. Sometimes it's more stress crying. I had to find that in-between point."

If you want to know who got Amy pregnant, the spoiler with the rumoured daddy is here.

And if you want to know what's next in this storyline, the official ITV preview is here.

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