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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 30th Jan 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's Coronation Street Blog, and the first of tonight's two episodes-reviewed in a handy blog post.

Its the day of Sebs adoption ruling, and Gary looks to have found some new business for the yard. Instructing Seb to tidy up the place, he forgets when Eileen and Abi visit and is enraged when neither of them appears to offer help at that afternoon's hearing. Still sporting a shiner from Adam, the lad puts off the potential business, and Gary sacks him. Sarah shows some sympathy and tries to woo Gary into changing his mind  (we all know why) but she fails. With the hearing fast approaching, Seb decides to blackmail Sarah into being his adult representative. Will she agree, or will he go ahead with his threat?.

Talking of adoption, Liz lambasts Tracy and Steve's idea of adopting their own grandchild, an idea which Amy seems to warm too.

Adams repertoire in all things legal continues to expand, as he offers his advice to the McDonalds. Facing a troubling adoption approval, Tracy and Steve decide to not reveal the news to Amy to sustain her improved demeanour. However, things don't look to be getting any better, when Tyler's Mum decides to pay them a visit.

Continuing in a theme of family ties, Evelyn gets ready to depart on her holiday whilst Tyrone is still incredulous at the discovery of his horrendous family history (as if Jackie wasn't bad enough). Informing his Nan that she's no longer welcome, Evelyn asks Roy to see if he can change her grandson's mind. Roy reveals regret in the relationship with his recently departed mother, will this change Ty's mind?.

Meanwhile, Gemma is as equally perturbed with Pauls slippery behaviour, as she is of Chesney's relationship with Emma. Charming Rita maybe, Paul has no luck with Billy. Unusually downhearted at Roy's Rolls,Eileen offers Billy a catch-up over a bottle of wine.

Also, as Abi gets to grips with the mechanics of the good ship 'lost buoy', Tracy reveals to Peter that Abi is no longer an enemy and that she's pleased he's offered her a new chance. This could be interesting, as Abi and Peter continue to flirt...

More from me later tonight, with your Coronation Street blog review of the 8.30 pm  part two!.
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Pat said...

I always think that Paul looks as though he needs a good wash and some decent clothes, I can't see why anybody would be charmed by him.

Tashacat said...

Agree with Pat. I just don’t warm to Paul. His ‘charm’ is lost on me.

Unknown said...

Not a Paul fan either. Doesn't seem to have any redeeming features. He's just a Manc scally stereotype like so many others before him , notably Les Battersby.

Susan said...

Me either

Ancient corner said...

Count me in.

Anonymous said...


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