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Monday, 14 January 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 11 January 2018

Woefully under-represented in recent weeks Kirk often has some wonderful bon mots and here he is telling Gina how they should prepare for a stake out - but she is only waiting for Duncan to materialise for his visit to see Imran so she that can break into his poky flat.

Great scenes between these two on Monday evening.  Liz has returned from hospital and almost immediately gave Johnny a flea in his ear.  Jenny does not want Johnny being nailed for a hit and run on Liz (although I thought Liz had nailed him some months ago) and would like Liz to drop the charges; after all Jenny knows it was not Johnny and before long Liz knows it was Jenny who did the deed.  Liz retires from the fray and Jenny waits to see if Liz is alright this time - hence Liz dying of irony above!

On first watching this little line passed me by.  Sarah-Lou and Gary are homeless and Gail has welcomed them back to David's house.  Bethany is not impressed and decides to flat share (after all she has two jobs now) and it turns out that Maria is willing to welcome her - although Bethany does not have a great view of her new landlord!

A note of accuracy on Monday evening as well.  Duncan dialled 00506 - which is the code for Costa Rica.  Later in the week it was confirmed there is no formal extradition agreement between the UK and the Republic of Costa Rica which enables potential fugitives to go into hiding in that country.

A quick interchange between Audrey who was almost run down by a mad BMW driver whom she accuses of being one of them there "millienials".  Rita is unsure what they are but asks Audrey if it is like "snowflakes".  In fact the mad driver is one Claudia Colby so although she might be getting on she is far from being a million years old (that is the meaning of millenial isn't it?).

One of the stranger lines from Wednesday as Gail seeks to convince David that she really is not a spy!  I don't think he ever believed it!  After all just because she has all the terms down pat and knows a firelighter from a lamplighter!

Moira has returned and we find she is addicted to Cola Chews - which the new Kabin recruit Brian is passing to Rita who is stunned to find the bottle is way down.  Apparently Brian also rather likes cola chews and has been helping himself.

Carla nails it - and she has not even discovered that he stole the money from Audrey.  And we know Nick's lying because no-one in the UK can walk into a bank and pay in £30,000.  The bank have to ask everyone paying in over £10k (and often less) in cash to provide a full and detailed explanation of the source or they will refuse it as the proceeds of money laundering in some form.  So when and how did Nick turn to the Dark Side and will we ever be told?  And who is the mystery woman?  Should Leanne be worried?

Which wraps the sunnier side of the Street for last week.

I have to go into hospital again this week over night for an operation on my right hand.  I very much doubt I will be able to work keyboard and mouse following the treatment so probably will not be here for the next two weeks.  I will return as soon as I can.

Writers: Jan McVerry & Carmel Morgan (Monday); Jonathan Harvey (Wednesday): Ian Kershaw & Cameron McAllister (Friday)
Directors: Alan Grint (Monday); Brett Fallis (Wednesday & Friday)


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