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Thursday, 24 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 23rd Jan 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog, and the first of tonight's two episodes, reviewed in a handy blog post.

Early morning around at the McDonald' flat, Steve and Tracy are discussing the repercussions of Amy's shock pregnancy. Keeping calm, against Steve's storm, Tracy promises to find out answers.
Amy is unforgiving of Steve's outburst and drip-feeds details of the Christmas conception, to her mum.

Still reeling from the discovery, Amy is adamant that she wants an abortion and asks Tracy to accompany her to the clinic.

Confiding in Kev, Steve tries in vain to calm down but still wants to know who the father is. However, when spying Amy hugging "cousin" Simon, has Steve made an unsettling discovery?

Laid on the living room floor, Gary and Sarah struggle to sleep on the lilos and David the dog decides to eat Sarah's bra. Luckily, she works in an underwear factory, but rather than stealing a sample, Sarah fails to get a pay rise from Carla and her brother.

Gary meanwhile, receives bad news about his quote for Audrey's dry rot from Nick. The couple's money worries look set tto continue, and Gary still seems preoccupied with Nicola and baby Zach.

Also at Roy's Rolls, Tyrone's titbit of musical knowledge (random) impresses Sally, but his titbits of chips to Cerebus fail to impress Evelyn.  With bingo on her mind, Evelyn promises to collect Ruby from school after a session at the community centre.

With Abi getting ready for her job interview, Sally's snotty nosed social-climbing personality has quickly recovered from prison, as she offers her new BFF some interview tips.  In the interview, Abi lies to cover up her prison sentence. Will it work?

Over lunch, Roy and Carla reminisce over Hayley, on the anniversary of her death. Roy's thankful for his life with Hayley, but then receives sudden news about his mum's Sylvia's heart attack.

At the clinic, Amy and Tracy head to the appointment to discuss the termination. Amy must have a scan to figure out her exact due date. It's not a Christmas conception, after all, she's 10 weeks due. Is Simon the father?

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Follow me to find out what happens in the 8.30pm slot. In case you missed it, but if you didn't, it's a good read anyway.


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maggie muggins said...

Never mind shock pregnancy, bra-eating dogs and fear of kissing cousins, who in their right mind puts half a dozen mini potted cacti plants at the edge of their office desk, as we see in Abi's interview? I wanted to scream! One hand wave by Abi and they would be on the floor! Are they there to psychologically cut off the interviewee from the desk-owner? They look stupid and unrealistic.

I did enjoy all the scenes with rain. It was even visible in some indoor scenes. Very atmospheric.

Anonymous said...

Why are Sarah and Gary so hard up? They both have jobs. Where on earth is all of their stuff? I absolutely hate how many people are crammed into Corrie houses. It is David's house does he not have any say who moves in?

coconno196 said...

Anon: they are hard up because the producers want a storyline! As for their stuff, it's the same for all characters. All their worldly goods fit in a rucksack or bin bag. When yet more people move into a Corrie house, they only worry about who will sleep where, and even this is rarely mentioned. Nobody thinks about their belongings.

SuzInToronno said...

@MaggieMuggins Hahaha! I noticed that too!


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