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The Week In Classic Corrie

(It's not a whole week - there weren't any episodes on Monday or Tuesday).

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 10th and 12th April 1991

Jack's ears pricked up when Percy told him Joss was blood type A-.  As Vera was O+, he was convinced this meant they couldn't be father and daughter, and he tried to find a doctor to confirm it.  He ended up being conned into giving blood and the doctor told him that different blood types didn't mean they weren't related.  Mike continued to negotiate the rent on Gail and Alma's behalf and he got it down to £350.  Martin queried his motives but Gail said he probably just felt guilty about Alma.  She didn't realise he was a lot more involved than he let on.  Des and Steph continued to row.  He got Gino from the pizza parlour to translate the message on her leg cast and it turned out to be a bit saucy - but not as saucy as her holiday snaps, which showed that her old boss Clive was also on the holiday.  She said it was a coincidence but Des was unconvinced.  He packed hi bags and left.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 15th and 17th April 1991

Rewatching the old shows, it's become clear why an actress as talented as Amelia Bullmore got bored with being in Corrie.  Steph and Des started out as funny and flirty but for the last few weeks all they've done is scream abuse at one another.  Des returned to number six and said he believed her story, but he still went round to have a go at Clive anyway.  Embarrassingly, he was almost immediately knocked to the ground by Clive's judo skills.  Tracy wanted to go to a concert but Deirdre wouldn't let her go on her own.  She settled for a bootleg poster from Andy McDonald.  When Phil saw the dodgy merch he tried to warn Andy off, saying some very powerful people would get angry.  Raquel was jealous of Angie And Her Fantastic Hats, so Curly arranged a dinner to get the two of them together to chat.  Angie won her over by suggesting she should become a model and persuaded her to try on some of her designs.  A seed was sown...

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 19th and 22nd April 1991

Jack and Vera had a new scam: attending an interview at a posh house in Cheshire for housekeeper and chauffeur and then claiming the expenses for a trip from Southampton.  Unfortunately they were a little too convincing in their interview and were offered the job, subject to references.  By now Vera had become enamoured with the idea of living the high life so Joss offered to forge some references for her.  Andy's poster business was crushed by the official merchandisers, but Phil intervened and saved him.  He was impressed by his entrepreneurial spirit and offered the boy McDonald a job.  Reg put a stop to Raquel's ambitions, claiming that Miss Bettabuy could only appear in the service of the company, and that if he didn't intervene she'd end up as a topless model and bring the store into disrepute.  Alf began his political campaigning with a leaflet that talked about his commitment to family life - unlike some of the present councillors.  Both Phil and Ken ended up in the Rovers, tearing into Alf and his agent Alec; Gilroy tried to chuck them out, so Ken shouted about the suppression of free speech.  Bet intervened, in her usual magnificent manner, and banned discussion of politics, but it looks like the election is going to be ugly.

All that screaming in this week's episodes has damaged @merseytart's eardrums.       

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