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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 16th of Jan, 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's review of Coronation Street .

Conniving Nick's con continues on the cobbles this evening, but can he deceive his equally evil brother? At the salon, Audrey reveals that Grasmere Drive has a leak, and Nick takes a call from a mystery contact, little realising that David is in the back room. Letting down Leanne, Nick suddenly has other plans, and it doesn't take long before David spots his brother with a mystery brunette. Unfortunately for Nick, Leanne arrives at exactly the wrong time. Leanne, however, is easily fooled as Nick convinces her that the mystery brunette is his solicitor. Is Leanne convinced?.

Over a meal at Speed Daal, it's revealed that the girl is, in fact, Natalie, Nick's former waitress from the Nottingham restaurant. She soon has Nick squirming with threats of blackmail. Is this the girl seen on CCTV emptying Audrey's account?. Later, David spies his brother out on the street. With David already having doubts about Nick, has he worked out that his brother robbed their gran? Shona dismisses Leanne's doubts and decides a girls night out is in order.

With news of Sally's innocence reaching the street, Tim, Sophie, Imran and Paula leap into action, in hope of releasing Sally as soon as possible. Gina fails to hide her delight in bringing down Duncan but Sean quickly dampens her enthusiasm at the thought of returning to the bosom of the family.
At the prison, Sally is still worried about Marcia and her imminent release from segregation. Will Sally be able to reach the prison gates in time?

Ken pays his new grandson a visit at the hospital. Breaking down, Daniel reveals to his father that he is still struggling to deal with the weight of all the recent turmoil. Finally reuniting them, it seems the fractious relationship is now repaired. It isn't long however before Daniel is faced with more tragedy, is the baby ill also?

On the other side of the Barlow family, Tracy's conscience is finally(!) starting to form. Seemingly steering Steve towards the idea of a baby, to cool his ravenous libido, Mary tries to convince Tracy that this actually might not be a good plan. Over a drink at The Rovers, it seems her words of wisdom may be having the desired effect.

Also at The Rovers, Rana reveals that her divorce has been finalised, and Kate is quick to set the wedding plans in motion.

Meanwhile, as Leanne and Shona head out for drinks, David makes a call to the police and asks to see the CCTV images of the girl seen stealing Audrey's money.

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1 comment:

Jan said...

Leanne must be totally stupid to think that Natalie was a solicitor. How had Leanne heard of the firm she worked for if it was in Nottingham?
All big firms would have a list ( and usually a photo ) of the solicitors working there so Leanne could easily look her up.


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