Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Peter Ash: "Saint and Sinner, Paul and Billy are cute!"

There's a great interview in this week's Inside Soap magazine, with Peter Ash who plays Gemma's brother Paul.

The questions have been posed to Peter by readers of the magazine, always the best way, I think!

Asked about Paul and Billy's romance, Peter says: "I think it's cute. It was unexpected when my character first came back into it, because Billy and Paul were quite standoffish with each other. But I think it's really sweet and there is genuine affection there, it's not just Paul using him to get what he can. They're very different, but it's a nice dynamic. The saint and the sinner!"

He also says that he'd love more scenes with David Neilson, who plays Roy Cropper. "Because he's a phenomenal actor," says Paul. "I'd love to have a plot with him - Paul and Roy would be a very unlikely pairing though."

You can read the full interview in Inside Soap magazine, in the shops today.

Paul will getting involved in a theft storyline next week, you can read more on that here.

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