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Monday, 14 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 14th January

The Kate Oates wing of Weatherfield hospital remains open (despite NHS cuts). First up, we have Duncan. Sophie has started following his daughter Oliva on twitter, who's trying to get #PrayforDuncan trending. Pretty sure Olivia would be an #InstagramInfluencer rather than a twitter bunny. Anyway, Sophie visits the hospital in order to see if Duncan is still alive and finds May, who has managed to get a SJO - MAN flight over the weekend, and, channelling her inner sociopath, Sophie tells her that Duncan has been transferred to a specialist unit, isn't expected to live and does May want a lift to the "other" hospital? Instead of all the stomping and shouting that Sophie specialises in, she plays it cool, asking May about Duncan's court case and "dead wife". Meanwhile, Duncan wakes up and Tim sneaks into see him, threatening him that if he doesn't fess up to his dark deeds, they will harm his wife. It's good to see the Webster-Metcalfes acting a bit canny, rather than just running around yelling at poor handsome Imran (or posh Paula). Duncan calls their bluff and Tim calls Sophie, at which point May uses the opportunity to scarper. Gina finds her in Costa, trying out the new alternative milk range for Veganuary, and finds out that she didn't know about the scam. She takes her to see Duncan, who confesses that they ripped off the insurance company after May's actual stroke to cover medical bills. Don't you have to have a body to get a death certificate?? Anyway, the copper in charge of the case turns up to tell Soph and Tim that Tim has confessed and they should pursue a legal challenge. It can't come too soon for poor Sally as she has her stuff ripped up and RIP painted on her cell wall. She tells Yoga Jodie that she is scared and she in return warns inmate Metcalfe that her nasty bully is out of solitary tomorrow. Knowing none of this, Tim and Sophie congratulate each other, whilst Gina walks away sadly.

Secondly, Sinead is told that her cancer has grown and she needs radio- rather than chemo-therapy and she should have a C-section in order to deliver the baby today. The factory gang all cut work in order to visit S-Tink for an impromptu baby shower. This seems like a bad idea, given that the consultant tells her that there's a 20% chance that her premature baby could die. But the baby is born and is taken to neo-natal just as Sinead passes out. The specialist says that the baby is fine and Sinead needs an operation. She isn't allowed to see the baby post-op so Daniel facetimes her from the premature baby unit.

After stealing from his poor old Gran, Nick now plays the hero, paying for Audrey to go to Rome (don't the Platts need to go on their glamping holiday first?) and he also gives Leanne a pearl diamond necklace, which Lee promptly puts on social media. Elsa sees it and tells young Master Tilsley that the divorce is on hold whilst she finds out what else he's been hiding. D.I. Battersby is on the case, quizzing Nicky about his ex-wife's visit, as he looks more suspicious than Duncan at a widowers' support group.

The Barlow-McDonalds are back from Tenerife. The honeymoon seems to have fired Steve's, um, engines and Tracy is exhausted from Steve's amorous holiday mood carrying over to the Street. Hasn't it always been Tracy who's been insatiable? I guess she is getting on a bit. Tracy starts baby talk in order to put Steve off, but given that women on Corrie suddenly and irrevocably want to get pregnant as soon as the word "baby" is whispered, I expect Tracy to be knocked up by Valentine's Day. 

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