Thursday, 24 January 2019

Corrie cousins? No! Amy and Simon's family ties

There seems to be a bit of confusion in the papers today (as always when they try to write about Coronation Street).

They're having the vapours about the suggestion that Simon was accused of being Amy's baby daddy last night on the show. They say it's wrong and that it's incest.

It's not - that is, of course, if Simon turns out to be the one who got Amy pregnant.

As pointed out in the Rovers last night in the lovely scene between Peter and Dev, Simon and Amy aren't blood-related. They're not cousins in that sense. Let's take a look at the bleedin' obvious clues.

Simon is Peter Barlow's son. Peter is Ken Barlow's son. Amy is Tracy McDonald's daughter. Tracy is Deirdre Barlow's daughter and Tracy was adopted by Ken. This means that Peter and Tracy aren't blood related. Therefore, Simon and Amy aren't blood related either.

If you want to know who got Amy pregnant, the spoiler with the rumoured daddy is here.

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Sophie Bird said...

Even if they were first cousins by blood rather than by marriage and they did sleep together, it wouldn't be incest. It is legal in the UK to marry your first cousin. The law was changed to make this possible following the first world war when there were fewer marriageable men available.

Anonymous said...

Albert and Victoria were first cousins and that is regarded as the great royal romance. In Pride and Prejudice cousin is considered a suitable match also in Downton Abbey so clearly this is not new to British culture.

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