Monday, 28 January 2019

Halfway house horror for Coronation Street

The Mirror has an interesting story today. They make it sound more sensational than it is with their headline, of course, as that's what tabloids must do to get the clickbait brigade in.  And they get a few details wrong too.

However, the gist of the story is that rumours will be spreading on Coronation Street that a halfway house is to be built to house ex-cons while they're rehabilitated into life out of jail.

Mr Curry Sauce tells the Mirror: “The prospect of a house full of ex-cons leaves many of the residents feeling pretty terrified. They will be worried about their homes, their kids and their livelihoods. Craig hasn’t been a policeman for very long – but he would certainly have his work cut out for him with a house full of jailbirds living on the street.”

I wonder if this will really happen or if it'll just be a planning application against which they all protest?

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Susan Nicol said...

Isn't the street already filled with ex-cons? Pot, kettle, black I should think.

Anonymous said...

Susan, well said! I was thinking the exact same thing! Who are they to judge, David, Gail, Sally, Abi, Steve, Fizz, Steve and Kevin to name a few have all done time! LOL!

Anonymous said...

My thought exactly!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Tracy

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