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Saturday, 26 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 25 January 7.30pm

Evening Corrie fans it’s Kelly here with the first of your Friday night reviews.

Amy is still keeping schtum about the father of her baby, which means that poor Simon continues to be accused by just about everyone of impregnating his cousin. First he gets questioned by Leanne in the café, and as Leanne has all delicacy and sensitivity of a Gestapo officer this results in Si making an embarrassing confession that he is a virgin within full earshot of Shona and Carla.

Later he meets Amy in the street and it’s clear that he knows who the father is and is trying to protect her. Unfortunately, they’re interrupted by Obersturmbannführer Battersby who demands that they reveal what they know, before having a row in the street with Tracy. The only person who seems to be on Simon’s side is Peter. When Steve tries to play the hardman and blame Si, he stands up for his son and Steve backs down. Rather wisely I’d say since Peter has been in both the navy and prison and would be more than a match for a slightly paunchy mini-cab driver who could lose a pillow-fight.

Meanwhile Sarah finds Gary in the pub discussing a job in Qatar. Furious at him for keeping things from her yet again she goes straight to the Bistro to get roaring drunk. When her daughter declines the offer of watching her mum work her way through the drinks menu before being sick into her handbag, Sarah ropes in Izzy and Nicola (both of whom have never set foot in the Bistro before and just happen to be passing). It only takes about half a glass of wine each before they’ve dubbed themselves ‘Gary’s Angels’; totally forgotten that they have children and begun to make crude jokes about the size of Gary’s manhood. Yes Bethany, stay away, stay far away.

When the Bistro wine runs out Gary’s Angels all head for the Rovers where they’re joined by Adam and they all start ordering shots. I think we all know where this will lead. Adam’s main function in the show seems to be to snog women who are a bit fed up with their current partners (Eva, Angie, Kate). So no doubt he'll be itching to get his coloured crayons out and add Sarah to his ‘Girls I Have Kissed’ wallchart.

Above the café Roy returns home and tells Carla that he got to his mum too late and Sylvia had already died. In typical Roy style he gets on immediately with sorting her belongings but Carla worries that he is bottling up his grief.

In other news, a suspicious Tyrone follows Evelyn and lurks outside to watch her be let into a house by a man in a wheelchair. After he’s nearly arrested by the same policeman who found Evelyn making use of Roy and his Woody, his Nan appears and the mystery man invites him in for tea.

Finally, Amy calls her baby daddy and tells him she needs to see him. He arrives with his hood up and we can’t see his face. Who could it be? We’ll find out at 8.30….

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Unknown said...

Simon isn't Amy's cousin. Tracey is Ray Langton's daughter. Amy has no Barlow DNA.

Richard said...

What is Obersturmbannführer??


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