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Monday, 21 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 21st January

"It's her hormones," says Steve as Amy strops off to school. Well, her hormones are going mad as she discovers she is six weeks pregnant. Unlike Sarah-Lou and Fay(e), instead of pretending it's not happening, she goes to a clinic and requests abortion pills. The nurse tells her she should talk to a responsible adult, and in the absence of one, she confides in Liz. In the meantime, because nobody ever disposes of a pregnancy test properly, Steve finds the positive stick in the laundry (?) and of course assumes it's Tracy's. Ms Barlow knows it's not hers, and immediately realises the truth. Steve looks like he thinks it's Liz's. Well, maybe for a second. Amy returns home and Steve goes into over-protective dad mode, storming 'round Dev's to accuse Aadi of messing with his lickle girl. Steve should just read the spoilers, then he'd know like the rest of us. Amy is upset because now that Asha knows, it'll be all around the school.

Meanwhile at Audrey's, or rather "Claud 'n' Aud's", as it's going to be renamed, Mrs Roberts finds out that her neighbour's floor has collapsed and the dry rot is worse than she thought. She has to move out - into David's secret sixth bedroom. Sarah and Gary are chucked out of their room and onto lilos in the front room. I'm getting bad flashbacks to teenage Christmases here. Sarah's irritation is compounded by the arrival of Nicola and baby Zac, and that's before she finds out that Zac has a taste for designer baby gear (paid for by Gary). Gary thinks everything's dandy though as Audrey asks him to quote for the house repair work.

It's the anniversary of Hayley's death and Roy has disappeared, leaving Shona to open up the cafe, to Carla's consternation. She is convinced that he's done something stupid and she calls the police. They  are obviously bored today, so come round to investigate - just as Roy pops home. He's been trainspotting (not in a Renton way) and Carla asks him to let her know the next time a narrow gauge C class is scheduled to travel from Crewe to Barnsley he wants to go walkabout.

In tonight's hospital scene, Sinead touches her baby for the first time - and alarms go off. But the nurse tells her that all is fine, and baby Bertie Barlow Tinker-Osborne is doing well and doesn't need an operation.

And finally, Abi has a job interview and her jailbird pal Sal decides to give her a (personality) make-over and they (and Tim) role-play job interviews.

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Louby said...

Great to see Nicola back on the street.

I know we have often had to overlook too many people in small houses but this latest one!! There must be 6 adults and three children in there now? Sarah and Gary moved back in at the drop of a hat, seemingly with no possessions and no baby Harry!

Anonymous said...

A little semblance of basic reality wouldn't go amiss. Why can't Aud and Sarah get a place to rent together temporarily?

Chez said...

I can't understand how Sarah could live away from her family for all those years and be just fine. She comes back home and can't support herself. Gary buys expensive gifts and doesn't pay the rent. I know it is a soap, but sometimes....

Tashacat said...

I agree with all the earlier comments. It would have more realistic to see Sarah, Gary and baby Harry struggling ito live in a grotty B&B.


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